Fantozzi (1975) [Divx DVDRip]

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    Fantozzi (1975) [Divx DVDRip]



    Fantozzi is such a lovely little movie. It narrates the antics of a lower class office worked employed by a faceless corporation. Paolo Villaggio used to work for a large international company and experienced the daily little humiliations and frustrations so often present in large offices. He used this experience to write a bitterly satirical book by the same title as the movie. Masked behind the funny stories of Fantozzi, there are the horrible realities of the daily work life of a humble worker. The movie is far less profound than the book. The slap-stick comedy is so good that everything else is forgotten. The attention to detail is impressive and can only be appreciated after a second or third vision of the movie. All the characters are very real and can be found in every day life. A must see for all those people that can see through the layer of basic comedy and find the bitter satire of a pointless life. Everybody else will enjoy the slap-stick bits. It can be considered as the granddad of modern classics such as `The Office'.

    Titolo originale: Fantozzi
    Paese: Italia
    Anno: 1975
    Durata: 100'
    Paolo Villaggio: Rag. Ugo Fantozzi
    Liù Bosisio: Pina Fantozzi
    Gigi Reder: Rag. Filini
    Plinio Fernando: Mariangela Fantozzi
    Anna Mazzamauro: Sig. ra Silvani
    Giuseppe Anatrelli: Geom. Calboni
    Paolo Paoloni: Mega direttore

    Divx dimensione 700mb
    Audio e video: ottimo
    Dvdrip by 50cent for

    Pass: fifty

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