NitroFlare FEI Amira 6.0.1 (x86/x64)

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    FEI Amira 6.0.1 (x86/x64) | 917MB / 932 MB
    Amira is a powerful, multifaceted 3D software platform for visualizing, manipulating, and understanding data from computed tomography, microscopy, MRI, and many other imaging modalities.

    Import & process
    Import any 2D / 3D image data or time series from multiple modalities: Optical and Electron Microscopes, CT-scanners, Nano-tomographs, Synchrotrons.

    Align and register image stacks. Apply advanced image filters and operators to dramatically enhance image quality.

    Use powerful thresholding and segmentation tools, correlation plot, object separation, filament and network tracing, to perform advanced processing on your 3D data and reveal and identify features and structures.

    Visualize and explore
    Amira provides fast, interactive and high-quality visualization techniques and easy-to-use tools to explore and perform visual analytics on your 3D data:

    High-quality volume rendering
    Colormaps and transparencies
    Clipping, Probing, Slicing
    Isolines and surfaces

    Analyze and quantify
    Analyze and understand your data with a comprehensive set of tools for volume and surface measurements of distances, angles, surface, volumes, density, distribution.

    Utilize Amira's unique quantification capabilities to extract advanced statistical and geometrical information.

    Benefit from dedicated modules for cell tracking, neuron tracing, fiber tracking, and more.

    Share and communicate
    Create high quality presentations. Build and export movie clips and animations.

    Integrate 3D annotations and measurements. Mix volume, geometries and flow and simulation data visualization.

    Generate output for multi-screen display, stereoscopic and even immersive environments.

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