NitroFlare FilmConvert Pro 1.230 (Mac OS X)

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    FilmConvert Pro 1.230 (Mac OS X) | 345 MB
    This plugin makes our videos take a photography or cinemascopico character.​

    How does it work?
    We love digital cameras. And we love the look of the film.
    FilmConvert models the characteristics of digital sensors, and offers a complex algorithm to convert digital images to match your favorite action movie - including negative densities, spectral responses of the printer and grain curves workflows respuesta.Los

    Use FilmConvert for:
    Process a timeline to edit DPX to rate
    Process a timeline editing for QuickTime and reconnect
    Process all the images of daily QuickTime before publishing

    System Requirements
    FilmConvert stand-alone requires Mac OSX 10.8 or above (x64)
    FilmConvert stand-alone requires Mac OSX 10.6 or above (x32 version)

    FilmConvert for Final Cut Pro requires Final Cut Pro X or 7 or Motion 4 or 5.
    Note: Final Cut Pro 6 and Motion 3 Also Should work, but are not supported at this Time.

    FilmConvert requires for After Effects CS5.5 and After Effects or Premiere Pro CS5.5 up and up. Both OSX and Windows are supported.

    Currently FilmConvert for Photoshop is only available on OSX (the Windows version is in the works though).
    It requires Photoshop version 12.0 and up, Which translates to CS5 and up. 64 bit only on OSX.

    Link Download:
    Download Via Nitroflare
    Download Via xxxxxxxx
    Download Via xxxxxxxx

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