NitroFlare Final Cut Pro X Guru: Sync Sound Workflow with Jeff I. Greenberg

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    Lynda - Final Cut Pro X Guru: Sync Sound Workflow
    Intermediate | 51m | 3.14 GB | Project Files | Software used: Final Cut Pro X​
    Recording dual audio, the practice of recording audio separately from the camera, started originally with film. It's become a common practice with the current crop of DSLR and cinema cameras. The challenge for editors is matching the video and audio in post.

    Luckily, Final Cut Pro X has amazing ability to sync your media-and it gets even better when you incorporate the powerful third-party plugin PluralEyes. This course will help you quickly master the nuances of this workflow, save time, and get the best results when syncing media in Final Cut Pro.

    Topics include:
    Syncing clips based on audio and markers
    Cleaning up sound in the Inspector
    Fixing syncing in complex clips
    Adding metadata
    Organizing sync clips
    Performing multicam syncs
    Syncing clips in PluralEyes

    Link Download:
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