Five Bloody Graves (1970)

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    Rating: User Rating:1.4/10 233 votes
    Runtime: 88 min
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Color: Color

    Director: Al Adamson
    Robert Dix ... Ben Thompson
    Scott Brady ... Jim Wade
    Jim Davis ... Clay Bates
    John Carradine ... Boone Hawkins
    Paula Raymond ... Kansas Kelly
    John 'Bud' Cardos ... Joe Lightfoot / Setago (as John Cardos)
    Darlene Lucht ... Althea Richards (as Tara Ashton)
    Ken Osborne ... Dave Miller (as Kent Osborne)
    Vicki Volante ... Nora Miller
    Victor Adamson ... Rawhide (as Denver Dixon)
    Ray Young ... Horace Wiggins
    Julie Edwards ... Lavinia Wade
    Fred Meyers ... Driver
    Maria Polo ... Little Fawn
    Gene Raymond ... Voice of Death

    Description: FIVE BLOODY GRAVES (1970) is a grim and downright gruesome western chock full of bloody gun blasts and violence galore. Directed by Al Adamson, it stars the legendary John Carradine and B' stalwarts Robert Dix (Satan's Sadists), Scott Brady (Gremlins), and Jim Davis (TV's Dallas) and features the cinematography of Academy Award winner Vilmos Zsigmond.

    A renegade tribe of monstrous, murdering, bloodthirsty redskins are on the war path and every settler will pay with his or her scalp. The lone man who can stop them is Ben Thompson, who rides the desert high plains with Death and Terror as his only companions. Ben seeks vengeance on Satago, the evil Apache chief who butchered his wife on their wedding day, and he teams up with Satago's half-brother to track him down and string him up for the vultures. When the death-dealing duo come upon a wrecked stagecoach carrying prostitutes and a preacher, they battle to keep the survivors alive and in one piece in savage Indian territory.

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