Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice (1952)

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    Rating: 8.0/10 328 votes
    Runtime: 115 min
    Language: Japanese
    Country: Japan
    Color: Black and White

    Director: Yasujiro Ozu
    Shin Saburi ... Mokichi Satake
    Michiyo Kogure ... Taeko Satake
    Koji Tsuruta ... Noboru Okada
    Chikage Awashima ... Aya Amamiya
    Keiko Tsushima ... Setsuko Yamauchi
    Eijirô Yanagi ... Yamauchi
    Kuniko Miyake ... Chizu Yamauchi
    Koji Shitara ... Koji Yamauchi
    Chishu Ryu ... Sadao Hirayama
    Yûko Mochizuki ... Shige
    Hisao Toake ... Toichiro Amamiya

    Description: The story is straightforward - an unhappy marriage between a rich girl and her successful but relatively low born husband. She can't hide her contempt for his dullness and rustic ways. He is unhappy but never argues back, just finds his own little ways of getting pleasure out of life. As always with Ozu, the richness is in the characters. Taeko, played by Michiyo Kogure is spoiled and insensitive, but a compelling, capricious character. Mokicho (the husband) under his dull salary-man skin is really a sensitive, caring man. The other characters are all vivid and memorable, especially Setsuko, the headstrong niece. There are also wonderful set pieces, usually involving Taekos friends, having little girls nights together, gossiping about their husbands and plotting marriages.

    With Ozu a brief overview of his movies always makes him sound dull. But in reality this is funny, moving and compelling. Its not first rate Ozu - the theme of the movie is too straightforward and obvious, the ending a little too neat and tidy. But second rate Ozu is still head and shoulders above almost any other drama. The humanity of the characters shines through, creating a little world we can sink into. The wonder of Ozu is that we are not observing characters, we are sitting with them, in the middle of their lives.

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