NitroFlare FLOW-3D CAST Advanced v4.0.3 (x64) Multilingual

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    FLOW-3D CAST Advanced v4.0.3 (x64) Multilingual | 422.2 MB
    FLOW-3D CAST software for metal casting simulation, allowing
    The basic version (Basic)
    - Ability racheta models include up to five separate blocks
    - Simulation of gravity casting, low pressure casting and centrifugal casting
    - Simulation of mold filling with uchntom viscosity turbulence and tension poverzhnostnogo
    - Simulation of crystallization and heat
    - Expandable database alloys, shapes, etc.
    - Consideration of the natural convection in the process of crystallization
    - Consideration of the properties of materials, depending on the temperature
    - Identify areas with porosity, shells and other casting defects
    Extended Version (Extended)
    All features basic version, plus
    - Ability to calculate the model with an unlimited number of individual blocks
    - Modeling chill casting under high pressure
    - Modeling of cyclic chill casting
    - Lost wax casting
    - Identify possible areas for consideration of possible cavitation wear molds
    - Simulation of air traps
    The advanced version (Advanced)
    All features basic and advanced versions, plus
    - Simulation of the fill bucket with six degrees of freedom
    - Modeling of continuous casting
    - Simulation of gas and associated effects of this
    - Heat transfer with viscosity
    - Improved algorithm taking into account the viscosity of non-Newtonian fluids
    - Modelling of the drying mold and moisture stezhney

    Year / Release Date: 2015
    Developer: Flow Science Inc.
    Developer website:
    Bit: 64bit
    Language: Multilingual: English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional (not Russian)
    Medicine: Present (Team-SolidSQUAD)


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