Flying Leathernecks (1951) John Wayne

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    Rating: 6.3
    Runtime: 102 mins
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Color: Color (Technicolor)

    Director: Nicholas Ray
    John Wayne ... Maj. Daniel Xavier Kirby
    Robert Ryan ... Capt. Carl 'Griff' Griffin
    Don Taylor ... Lt. Vern 'Cowboy' Blithe
    Janis Carter ... Joan Kirby
    Jay C. Flippen ... MSgt. Clancy* Line Chief
    William Harrigan ... Dr. Lt.Cdr. Joe Curran
    James Bell ... Colonel
    Barry Kelley ... Brigadier General
    Maurice Jara ... Shorty Vegay
    Adam Williams ... Lt. Bert Malotke
    James Dobson ... Lt. Pudge McCabe
    Carleton Young ... Col. Riley
    Michael St. Angel ... Capt. Harold Jorgensen* Ops. Officer (as Steve Flagg)
    Brett King ... 1st Lt. Ernie Stark
    Gordon Gebert ... Tommy Kirby

    Description: The Technicolor adventure epic Flying Leathernecks offers two things that film cultists can never get enough of: star John Wayne and director Nicholas Ray.

    Filmed at the behest of RKO chieftain Howard R. Hughes* Leathernecks is a paean to the Marine Flying Corps of World War II. Wayne plays Major Dan Kirby* a squadron commander* whose no-nonsense attitude is sharply at odds with the easygoing approach of executive officer Captain Carl Griffin (Robert Ryan). Griffin eventually learns the value of discipline at all costs* while Kirby becomes more humanized as he gets to know his pilots.Jay C. Flippen steals the show as a supply sergeant who "borrows" from other companies to keep his men happy.

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