NitroFlare Foundations of UX: Usability Testing With Chris Nodder

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    Foundations of UX: Usability Testing With Chris Nodder
    Size: 657MB | Duration: 1h 30m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 24fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch
    Genre: eLearning | Level: Beginner | Language: English​

    Run your own basic usability study to find out just what your users need from your website, application, or device-and learn where to focus design improvements to have the biggest impact. Author Chris Nodder shows how to design a study so that it answers your questions, how to recruit the right participants, and how to set up the test environment. The course also teaches you how to moderate and observe a usability session, interact with participants and ask the right kind of questions, and then analyze the results and share them with your team in a meaningful way.

    Topics include:
    * What is usability testing?
    * Finding the right participants
    * Making a screener
    * Asking the right questions
    * Avoiding bias
    * Making a task list
    * Creating the test environment
    * Running a pilot study
    * Moderating sessions
    * Capturing real-time observations
    * Analyzing and reporting your results

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