Four Times That Night 1972

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    Four Times That Night (1972)

    John and Tina meet in a park one day. They immediately hit it off, go out on a date later that evening. The late that night, Tina's returns to her apartment with her expensive new dress badly torn apart, and John's forehead bosts some suspicous scratches. Three different people, John, Tina, and a doorman, give three seperate and different perspectives on what happened that night before the truth is revealed.

    It's ironic that Italian horror maestro Mario Bava might have made with this movie what is literally the best sex comedy ever. Not that that is saying a lot--American sex comedies generally range from awful to downright painful, and let's not even speak of British sex comedies. Italian and continental sex comedies are slightly better (but that may only be because they rarely bother to translate them to English so most of the lame jokes and wretched double entendres go over my head, and I just wait around for Edwige Fenech or whoever to take off her clothes again).

    Since it was directed by the famed Mario Bava,this movie has been translated into English, but it has an intelligent, conceptual humor that really requires no translation. It's a comic variation on the Japanese melodrama "Rashomon" where a first date between a man and a woman is told from the very different perspectives of him, her, and the doorman. Of course, being a comedy there is no rape and murder as in "Rashomon", but simply a torn dress and scratched forehead. Also, where "Rashomon" eventually resolves the differing accounts with an objective fourth story, the fourth story here is told by a blowhard pop psychologist and is at least as implausible as the other three. The message here seems to be that the truth itself is subjective, which makes this more akin to "Last Year at Marienbad" than "Rashomon" (although it's a lot more fun than either). It's also very subversive--the doorman, for instance, interrupts his obviously very fabricated tale (involving lesbianism and swingers) at the worst times to clean his glasses or go get a pair of binoculars (to the hilarious chagrin of the lecherous milkman he's telling the story to).

    The female lead is Daniela Giordano, a former Miss Italy. She was not nearly as ubiquitous in continental sex comedies as Edwige Fenech, but she's very memorable here. She is introduced to the audience bending over in a short skirt playing with her dog,"Coolie", so named she says because of his "coolie nose" (this is a joke people who only speak English might not get, but suffice it to say that Giordano has a really nice "coolie"). The male lead is Brett Halsey who appeared years later in several latter-day Lucio Fulci films. He's not quite as funny here, but at least this movie is SUPPOSED to be a comedy. Definitely recommended for Bava fans and non-Bava fans alike.


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