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    Chihiro is raped by three men and it is captured on video camera. She leaves her hometown and prepares to marry a colleague five years later, when one of the rapists arrives and says the others are on their way. He behaves like her long-lost lover and mistreats her again. Chihiro takes revenge, kills him and puts him in a freezer. The other rapists are awaiting a similar fate...

    IMDB rating: 6.4

    Harumi Inoue ... Chihiro
    Shingo Tsurumi ... Kojima
    Kazuki Kitamura ... Hirokawa
    Shunsuke Matsuoka ... Nogami
    Naoto Takenaka ... Baba

    Japanese language. English subtitle file included.

    Password: Torgo
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    thank you so much, it's a nice movie

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