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    audio: cantonese, mandarin
    subtitle : english, chinese

    From Beijing With Love (Chinese: 國產凌凌漆; pinyin: Guóchǎn Líng Líng Qī; "home-produced 007") is a 1994 action comedy film directed by Lee Lik Chi and Stephen Chow, a spoof of James Bond movies. It stars Stephen Chow, Anita Yuen and Law Ka Ying.
    After a giant dinosaur skull is stolen, the head of the Chinese secret police decides to assign the case to the force's most incompetent reject: a rural butcher who stands around all day drinking martinis (shaken, not stirred). With a trunkload of insanely useless gadgets and a contact who constantly tries to kill him, the young agent must locate the skull and find out just what is going on here

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