Funky Forest: The First Contact (2005) DvdRip

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    A far out omnibus from three directors, Funky Forest: First Contact at first seems grounded in manzai, a traditional Japanese straight man/funny man stand up comedy, and then takes off into a third dimension between a bizzaro world Japan and Wonder Showzen. Funky Forest abandons a traditional narrative plot for a series of madcap sequences connected by various oddball characters such as Asano Tadanobu and a fat white kid as two of the Guitar Brothers. Kase Ryo, a pretty boy rising star with a deft comic hand, offers this morsel of wisdom that might sum up where Funky Forest is coming from: The turntable is the cosmos

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    thanks, should be diffrent
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    did anyone had successes playing this?
    kmplayer, vlc and mediaplayer classic all failed.

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