Funland: The Complete Series (2005)

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    Rating: 8.7/10
    Runtime: 30 mins (each episode), Except Episode 1: 50 mins
    Language: English
    Country: UK
    Color: Color

    Episode 1:
    Carter Krantz arrives in the town naked and bearing only a scrap of paper with a mysterious clue on it - one that could reveal who murdered his mother. Meanwhile, Dudley and Lola Sutton are on a break to save their ailing marriage - but the poker-playing owner of their guesthouse has other ideas.
    Episode 2:
    Lola tries to pay off her husband's gambling debts, but finds the task more complicated than expected. Carter's search leads him into contact with the Woolf family, while a confession from Connie leaves Shirley convinced that he must rid himself of Mercy.
    Episode 3:
    Dudley is stunned at the desperate measures Lola resorts to to pay off his debts, while Carter presses a local journalist for information about the Woolf family. Mercy tries to come to an agreement with the Mayor, but conflict between them is poised to erupt at any moment.
    Episode 4:
    Carter prepares to meet local journalist Cryer on the beach, but arrives to find he has been killed. Undeterred, he searches the dead man's flat for clues about his mother's murder - and discovers some useful information. Mercy's birthday party goes awry when she lets Shirley's secret slip, and Dudley is intrigued by Lola's hidden talents.
    Episode 5:
    After an outraged Connie evicts him for being unfaithful, Shirley moves into the Shangri-La - where he offers Lola a surprising way to pay off her husband's gambling debt. Sick of his wife's behaviour, Dudley decides to take action, while the Mayor hatches a plan to deal with Mercy - who makes a startling discovery of her own about Carter.
    Episode 6:
    Mercy provides Carter with a few tantalising details about his past, while the Mayor and Shirley await a visit from the Finnish entrepreneur - who doesn't live up to expectations. Dudley is left fuming after Lola's recent actions, and resorts to asking her mother to intervene. However, worse is yet to come for the couple.
    Episode 7:
    Carter comes to Lola's aid, while Connie demands Shirley dispose of Mercy. The Mayor thinks he's got away with murder, but soon discovers his problems are only beginning.
    Episode 8:
    Time is running out for the Mayor, while Lola returns from her ordeal and Dudley tries to save his marriage, but he might have left things too late. Carter is determined that not even Ruby will stand in his way.
    Episode 9:
    Shirley is forced to confront his demons, Carter and Lola meet Bridewell, and Connie's decision to take refuge at the Shangri-La rouses Leo's interest and Valerie's concern.
    Episode 10:
    Carter discovers information Mercy needs to know, and offers to tell her if she agrees to share her own secrets. Shirley's recent revelations put his marriage to Connie in jeopardy, while Ruby comes to a realisation with a little help from an unexpected source. Dudley thinks his troubles with Lola are at an end, but Valerie places further obstacles in their path.
    Episode 11:
    The drama concludes as the characters gather at the Blackpool Tower for the infamous Cross Ball - featuring a mysterious guest in a monkey mask. Carter considers the implications of Mercy's revelations, while Shirley attempts to pick up the pieces as his world comes crashing down around him.
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