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    Lucky Max, a record producer has just won a decrepit old mansion from the enigmatic Callum Chance in a poker game. To celebrate, Max invites his family and hitchhikers to stay there. The bitter Chance gets revenge by conjuring up the "Funny Man," who immediately begins to slaughter the guests in a variety of interesting ways.

    User Rating: 4.2/10

    Tim James ... Funny Man
    Christopher Lee ... Callum Chance
    Benny Young ... Max Taylor
    Matthew Devitt ... Johnny Taylor
    Pauline Black ... Psychic Commando
    Ingrid Lacey ... Tina Taylor
    Chris Walker ... Hard Man
    George Morton ... Crap Puppeteer
    Rhona Cameron ... Thelma Fudd
    Harry Heard ... Harry Taylor
    Jamie Heard ... Jammie Taylor

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