NitroFlare FXPHD: BKD238: Background Fundamentals Oct15

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    FXPHD: BKD238: Background Fundamentals Oct15 | 5.93 GB
    Class 1: Mike talks to Skip Rizzo from ICT about using VR to help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Class 2: Mike talks to Lars Borg from Adobe about benefits and challenges of HDR video and the new, more artist friendly ACEScg color space.
    Class 3: Mike is at Stiller Studios in Stockholm this week shooting Bolt/Cyclops moco system with Phantom Flex4K highspeed cameras.
    Class 4: Mike talks about project management. Part 1 of 2.
    Class 5: Agile Project Management: Scheduling - Part 2 of 2
    Class 6: Mike talks about what deep learning is and how it can be used in VFX.
    Class 7: Mike test-drives USC-ICT's auto rigging and reshaping tool, starting from quick-and-dirty full body scan using Structure sensor.
    Class 8: Mike demos real time 2D character puppeteering using GoAnimate and Adobe Character.
    Class 9: Looking back the past 12 months, Mike and Ian chat about the top VFX films, tech in computer graphics and etc.
    Class 10: A run down on where we are at in the world of VR and what to expect in the near future and a quick look at stabilizing moving VR footage with the Mettle SkyBox plugin for After Effects.

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