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    In 2005, the subway of network of Bangkok is not only serving the city itself but also its suburbs. While the crew from the Subway tried to extract a new tunnel, they suddenly discover a monster which had been slep under that tunnel for tounsands of years.

    When the monster wakes up, it started its attack to human beings. Despite the use of the military force, they cannot stop the monster but makes it more angry. When the monsters goes out of the underground, they city was fallen into chaos.

    Over the course of many years, the manipulation of peoples natural fear of the unknown has been honed to near perfection, arguably reaching its peak in 1938 when Orson Wells radio broadcast of War of the Worlds caused mass panic and near anarchy...

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    Language.........: Thai
    Subtitle.........: English
    Parts............: 8


    Password.........: garuda===


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    Rar Password: None

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