Gaston Leroux's The Wax Mask (1997)

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    Rating: 5.5/10 (607 votes)
    Runtime: 98 min
    Language: Italian (Dubbed in English)
    Country: France | Italy
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Sergio Stivaletti
    Robert Hossein ... Boris Volkoff
    Romina Mondello ... Sonia Lafont
    Riccardo Serventi Longhi ... Andrea Conversi
    Gabriella Giorgelli ... Aunt Francesca
    Umberto Balli ... Alex
    Valery Valmond ... Giorgina
    Gianni Franco ... Inspector Palazzi
    Antonello Murru ... Museum Caretaker
    Daniele Auber ... Luca
    Romano Iannelli ... Pathologist
    Rosa Pianeta ... Anna's Mother
    Sonia Topazio ... Nurse
    Massimo Vanni ... Victor
    Aldo Massasso ... Inspector Lanvin
    Sabrina Pellegrino ... Elena

    Description: The Wax Mask marks the coming together of two of the huge heavyweights of the Italian horror industry - Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci! The two great directors worked on the script together, and the movie is helmed by a man that has worked on the special effects in a number of Argento's movies: Sergio Stivaletti. That's three experienced men in the world of horror on the team, and with that in mind; The Wax Mask is a huge disappointment. Although there are certainly lots of good elements about this film, there's also lots of bad, and the latter drags the film down. The acting is terrible, worse than any performance in an Argento or Fulci film (and come on, that's saying something) and the dubbing is even worse than that (again, that's saying something). The script is another bad element of the film, which is ironic when you consider the talent involved in writing it. There are many moments in the movie you really do wish that the characters would shut up and spare you the horrors of listening to what they're going to say next. Quite a few moments like that, in fact.

    That being said, there is certainly much to like about this movie. The atmosphere is the first point of interest, as it is decidedly macabre and fascinating. The wax museum at the centre of the tale makes for a great location for a horror movie. There's a very understated malevolence about statues in the human image, and this film makes best use of that fact. Adding to the atmosphere is the superb musical score, which is haunting in the extreme. The film also features the talents of the very beautiful Valery Valmond, and the even more so Romina Mondello! Neither of them impresses with their acting, but they make for very nice eye candy! The film develops itself very intriguingly throughout, and this is kept up right up until the finish, when it crumbles into pieces by way of a very corny finale. The ending begs a million questions and as the plot wasn't exactly watertight throughout, this is definitely not good. Still, fans of Italian horror will enjoy themselves despite the flaws; and on the whole I recommend this movie to fans of this type of film.

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