Generous Summer / Shchedroye leto (1950)

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    Rating: 5.0
    Runtime: 81
    Language: Russian (French Hardsubs + English .srt subs)
    Country: Russian
    Color: Color

    Oksana Podpruženko, a beautiful brigadeer, a “heroin of the kolkhoz fields”, returns to Moscow where she is awarded a medal for her work achievements. At the station she is met by a cheering mob of fellow townspeople, headed by Nazar, her boyfriend and director of the kolkhoz. Her idyll, however, is ruined with the arrival of Petr, who has returned from war to his native country. The first thing he does is return to his friend Nazar. Their friendship begins to fall apart because of Nazar’s jealousy, as he fears that Oksana is falling in love with Pëtr. Nazar employs Petr as the kolkhoz administrator. Soon they are bickering at work over personal matters. Pëtr falls in love with Vera, a young and enthusiastic zootechnician. The importance of the team work involved in the harvest season (a sign in Ukrainian, with the words “Our first bread is for the state!”, can be seen on the farm machinery) means that personal animosity has to be toned down, even though individuals’ positive or negative disposition tends to be highlighted. Vera, who is young and inexperienced, manages none the less to improve her section’s yield. Pëtr and Nazar make up, so there is nothing to stop them all from celebrating the triumphant harvest of the Ukrainian summer.

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