NitroFlare Get more productive using think-cell and PowerPoint.

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    Get more productive using think-cell and PowerPoint
    MP4 | Video: 1280x720 | 60 kbps | 44 KHz | Duration: 4 Hours | 630 MB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English

    Use think-cell and create charts based on MS Excel data in PowerPoint 3.5 times faster that any PowerPoint Expert.
    In this course you will learn the power of think-cell. Create great and complex charts, based on Excel data in PowerPoint. With Ease and on average more than 3.5 times faster than any PowerPoint Expert!

    Learn how to create links that update your charts in PowerPoint when you change Excel data. Also learn how to create waterfall charts, Gantt charts, Mekko charts and much more.

    In addition to Think-Cell chart you will also learn about think-cell round and think-cell layout.

    The course will be updated with new version information when a new version of think-cell is released.

    You can use this course to learn how to use think-cell from scratch or use it as your personal video manual.




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