Ghajini / Pre-DVDRip-H264 / 275MB

Discussion in 'Archive' started by manlife1, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. manlife1

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    GHAJINI~275MB~Pre-DVDRip|H.264|Audio Sync Fixed|







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    Links are CODE
  3. upkeys

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    links, please:m13:
  4. diesel_arsh

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    how to play movie
  5. upkeys

    upkeys Guest

    thanks for the links....did not see them earlier....
    my apologies...too much red stuff
  6. ramavelusamy

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    Thanks Machi.........
  7. exyss

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    thanks for the share!
  8. manlife1

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    First Join All The Parts with Hj Spilt & then
    open with media player classic or vlc player
  9. sacha1990

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    rip off! lol.
  10. upkeys

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    so-so print, definitely not HD
  11. upkeys

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  12. diesel_arsh

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    great movie
  13. diesel_arsh

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    this movie has earned RS.510 million on 5 days of it release
    and it is predicted to earn more than 1000 million total world wide:m13::triniti:
  14. death_lover

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    nice share
  15. kamathur

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    thanks mate
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  17. ism65

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    grt8 sharing...thanks...hope the links isstill ok:heyo:
  18. aukdrck

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    Thanks Bro

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