Girls Unbutton {Bu kou niu de nu hai (1994)}

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    Plot: Jane is in perpetual pursuit of love, but finding the perfect man has indeed been a difficult challenge for this love-crazed woman

    Overview: The sexy and seductive LOLETTA LEE (Crazy Love) stars in this adult comedy as Jane, who is in perpetual pursuit of love. But finding the perfect man to satisfy her is easier said than done

    Cast: Rachel Lee (Lai Chun || Loletta Lee) || Leung Si Ho || David Siu (Chung Hang) || Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong || Mikie Ng (Miu Yee) || Hung Yuk Laan || Yeung Yuk Mooi || Yau Gwok Leung
    Running Time: 89 mins. (approx.)
    Languages: Cantonese


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