NitroFlare Gotch SEO Academy - How To Dominate The Search Engines

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    Gotch SEO Academy - How To Dominate The Search Engines

    Introducing Gotch SEO Academy

    Gotch SEO Academy is one of the most extensive courses on search engines optimization with five modules, 4-5 sections, and well over 50,000 words of epic content.
    Here's what you can expect when you join The Academy:
    What You Will Find Inside -

    Module One: Research & Planning
    Section One: How to Create an Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA)

    · Learn why SEO pros use Ideal Customer Avatars
    · Find out exactly how to create an ICA
    · Learn why understanding your ICA is the key to a successful SEO campaign (and business)
    · See the one technique I use to make the ICA "real"
    · Get a complete worksheet for creating the perfect ICA for your campaign

    Section Two: Keyword Research 101

    · Learn how to create an ideal customer avatar that helps you find prospects, build a strong connection with your audience, and drive sales on your site.
    · Find out the real reasons why your keyword research isn't working
    · Learn why the "intent" of your keywords is critical to your SEO success
    · Get access to my single biggest keyword research secret: "Phantom" keywords

    Section Three: Competitor Analysis

    · Find out how to practically steal your competitors best keywords
    · Learn what factors ACTUALLY matter when analyzing your competitors
    · Discover the "behind-the-scenes" SEO technique your competitors are using to crush you
    · Get access to the 7 most important questions to ask when analyzing your competitor's link profile

    Section Four: Benchmarking

    · Learn what metrics you should actually benchmark
    · Find out what key performance indicators you should be tracking (and those that you shouldn't)
    · Get the cold hard truth about tracking rankings in Google
    · Learn how to set productive SEO goals (that actually drive results)

    Module Two: On-Site SEO

    Section One: Site Architecture

    · Learn why creating a strong site architecture is one of the most important on-site SEO strategies
    · Find out which site architecture is best for ranking websites
    · Discover how the reverse architecture works and why you should use it (it's my personal favorite)
    · See 5 big time websites that have amazing site architectures

    Section Two: Technical Optimization

    · See what technical SEO tools my agency uses for multi-million dollar companies
    · Learn the most critical technical SEO issues (that are hurting your rankings)
    · Discover what page on your site you should be paying attention to, but probably aren't.
    · See some sneaky technical SEO tricks that can boost your rankings almost instantly

    Section Three: Page Level Optimization

    · Discover the one factors 99.9% of SEOs are ignoring
    · Learn a simple on-site strategy that can boost your organic traffic overnight
    · Find out how to optimize a page so that it actually performs well in Google

    Section Four: TrustRank

    · See how to use TrustRank so Google falls in love with your site
    · Learn what factors Google is looking at when trying to figure out if your site is '"trustworthy"
    · Discover two new factors that no one is talking about (when it comes to TrustRank)

    Module Three: Content Marketing

    Section One: Content Strategy

    · You will learn what content marketing is NOT
    · Learn why content marketing matters for SEO (and how to leverage it)
    · See some of the biggest lies businesses like to tell about content marketing
    · Find out how to create content goals that actually drive results

    Section Two: How to Generate Content Ideas

    · Learn what content types are proven to work
    · See real life examples of successful pieces of content (in many different niches)
    · Find out how marketing agencies find million dollar content ideas on platforms you use on a daily basis
    · Have access to underground tools that practically make your content ideas for you
    · Discover content ideas that you have never thought about (even though they are right in front of your face)

    Section Three: Content Planning

    · See what content publishing schedule is best for your business
    · Discover how to develop content goals that are realistic, but drive insane results
    · Learn how to evaluate your content ideas like a professional blogger
    · Get access to the best editorial calendars online

    Section Four: Content Development

    · Learn how to create content like a professional journalist
    · See headline combos that have insane response rates
    · Discover how long your content actually needs to be (and how to get it to hook your readers)
    · Get real life examples of content that is absolutely dominating (and how you can replicate it)
    · See the complete framework for creating award-winning blog content that drives social shares, blog comments, and links
    · Learn copywriting psychology that will make your content irresistible

    Section Five: Content Promotion

    · Learn the single biggest mistake people make when trying to promote content
    · Discover the one secret that makes your content marketing unbelievable effective (hint: it's actually before you hit 'Publish')
    · See how to promote your content without looking like an annoying marketer

    Module Four: Link Building Fundamentals

    Section One: What is a "Good" Link?

    · See what a "good" link actually looks like
    · Discover the single biggest mistakes SEOs make when qualifying link opportunities
    · Learn why you need to stop thinking "links" and start thinking "traffic"

    Section Two: Anchor Text

    · See why big brands are the perfect models for proper anchor text ratios
    · Get a glimpse into tricky anchor text techniques big brands use
    · Learn how to send loads of relevancy to your site (without using exact match anchors)
    · Find out why exact match anchors are essentially dead, but then learn why they are more powerful than ever (yes, you read that correctly)
    · See what anchor text percentages are actually working and what will continue to work forever

    Section Three: Link Prospecting

    · Discover the Chrome extensions that make link prospecting 1000% easier
    · See how to use search operators so you can save time
    · Find out top SEO companies find the best link opportunities (with half the effort)
    · Learn underground link prospecting strategies that most SEO agencies don't want you to know about

    Section Four: How to Qualify Prospects

    · Learn the criteria top SEO agencies use to determine what links they should pursue
    · Discover the single best way to eliminate prospects (quickly)
    · See what tools are best to qualifying prospects and getting the best links imaginable

    Section Five: Brand Building

    · See exactly what most SEOs DON'T do when trying to increase their site's rankings
    · Learn how to make Google love your brand
    · Discover the social link wheel strategy that will send floods of trust to your website

    Module Five: Link Acquisition

    Section One: How to Build Relationships

    · Why if you're not building relationships, you're not going to be successful (in SEO & business)
    · Learn the "breaking the ice" strategies that build relationships the right way
    · See why the self-centered approach of relationship building never works
    · Discover the one word that makes your relationships stronger (almost instantly)

    Section Two: Outreach Strategies (That Work)

    · See how to find anyone's contact information
    · Learn what free tools you need to be successful with outreach
    · Discover why you don't need fancy, expensive tools to be successful with outreach
    · Get access to the best performing outreach emails online
    · Learn when to personalize template (and when to not)
    · Why you will likely fail with outreach (and that's okay)

    Section Three: Grey Hat Link Building Strategies

    · Learn how to build a private blog network (that actually works)
    · See the "sniper" technique I use to get the best expired domains
    · Discover why you are buying the wrong expired domains and what you should do instead
    · Learn the "business acquisition" that big brands are using to dominate Google

    Section Four: Tier Two Link Building

    · See how to "beef up" your tier one links
    · Learn what tier two links push your rankings up the most
    · Discover why your tier two link velocity and anchor text is completely wrong
    · Find out how to build tier two links (like a white hat)

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