Grandes manoeuvres, Les (1955) Brigitte Bardot

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    Rating: 6.8/10
    Runtime: 104
    Language: French (hardcoded English subtitles)
    Country: France
    Color: Colour
    IMDb Link:

    Michèle Morgan ... Marie-Louise Rivière
    Gérard Philipe ... Le lieutenant Armand de la Verne
    Brigitte Bardot ... Lucie
    Jean Desailly ... Victor Duverger
    Pierre Dux ... Le colonel
    Jacques Fabbri ... L'ordonnance d'Armand
    Jacques François ... Rodolphe
    Yves Robert ... Le lieutenant Félix Leroy
    Lise Delamare ... Juliette Duverger
    Jacqueline Maillan ... Jeanne Duverger
    Magali Noël ... Thérèse, la chanteuse (as Magali Noel)
    Simone Valère ... Gisèle Monnet (as Simone Valere)
    Catherine Anouilh ... Alice, la fille du préfet
    Madeleine Barbulée ... La dame au chapeau jaune
    Dany Carrel ... Rose-Mousse

    Description: A French army regiment, resplendent in colorful uniform, is quartered in a French provincial town for summer exercises. As this detachment first enters the town marching in order down its main thoroughfare, a beautiful woman (Michele Morgan)appears on the balcony of her fashion shop and catches the eye of the regiment's dashing and handsome lover boy who has already compiled a notorious string of conquests (Gerard Philipe). This gives rise to a bet by his fellow soldiers with him, when the soldiers reach their barracks, that this time he will not be able to seduce this woman. He launches a spirited campaign for her, designed to sweep her off her feet, but becomes so ensnared in her charms that he completely loses control of himself and falls genuinely and madly in love with her, forgetting totally about the bet and wanting only her. The high point of his fortunes is reached when, practically on bended knee, he protests to her that he does not love her for only a few days or a few weeks but for his whole life. She is on the point of yielding to his entreaties when she learns of the bet. The denouement is torture as she is unable to credit his protestations any longer notwithstanding that she passionately desires to, he is in effect impaled to his hurt on the thorns of his past, she ends by returning to the fat husband with greasy ringlets of curls from whom she'd been divorced and who appears totally unworthy of her, and the regiment marches out of town at the end of summer. There are comic interludes of great charm and even some hilarity, as well as all the brilliance and wit that make a French movie a French movie, but all in all this is a sentimentalist's dream of a production in which the adorable loveliness of Michele Morgan is at its height.

    On the verge of the first World War, a handsome, roguish soldier (Gerard Philippe) accepts a bet to seduce a random, garrison-town woman. The chosen prey is the beautiful Marie-Louise (Michele Morgan), and his success in the wager proves far more taxing than he'd imagined. A charming romantic comedy from auteur Clair, featuring an early performance from Brigitte Bardot.

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    Thank you very much for this classic movie!

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