Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15 Build 3898 (x86/x64)

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    Graphisoft ArchiCAD 15 Build 3898 (x86/x64) | 3.38 GB
    In the last couple of weeks we have found and fixed a few serious dimension loss problems in ArchiCAD 15. In order to give a prompt solution to these problems we have created Hotfix-3 (Build 3632) containing these bugfixes.

    The hotfix applies to all components: ArchiCAD, BIM Server, BIM Server Manager, EcoDesigner, BIM Explorer, MEP Modeler and all other GRAPHISOFT-distributed Add-Ons and Goodies.

    List of bugs fixed in this Hotfix:

    136391 DOCUMENT/DATA LOSS: Additional parameters of Door markers could disappear from the Interactive Schedule
    128363 DOCUMENT: Drawing of elevation became rotated when placed on layout
    137014 DOCUMENT: Label associated with skylight didn't appear on layout
    117328 DOCUMENT: Pen set changed after copying a drawing on Layout
    138087 DOCUMENT: Update Zone command could give wrong results with Zones trimmed to Roofs
    131267 EDIT: Choose Hotlink Dialog also displayed modules that were not placed in the project
    133601 EDIT: Click to Trim function was executed very slowly if there were many fills in the project
    133709 EDIT: Column labels disappeared in view, but still appeared in Layout
    123052 EDIT: Curtain Wall could not be edited in particular project
    131942 EDIT: Fill in the hotlinked file was changed after placing the hotlink in the host file
    127470 EDIT: Pet Palette of Multi-plane Roof or Shell disappears both in 2D and 3D right after clicking on any of their hotspots or outlines.
    134333 EDIT: Wall recesses to Zone are not selectable
    131180 EDIT/CRASH: ArchiCAD could crash when on a Detail view a closed polyline was edited
    134841 FILE/DWG-DXF/IMPORT: Particular dwg file could not be imported
    136757 FILE/DWG-DXF/CRASH/: ArchiCAD could crash after deleting all DWG Translators and creating a new one
    138178 FILE/DWG-DXF/EXPORT: Duplicate dimension text was left behind in AutoCAD, after moving or deleting a dimension imported from ArchiCAD dimension chain
    131118 FILE/DWG-DXF: Parts of the DXF-DWG Translator dialog could not be accessed on lower screen resolution
    133251 FILE/EXPORT: Long schedule couldn't be saved to XLS (Excel) format
    134290 FILE/EXPORT: Skylight Labels were not exported to PDF
    135611 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: ArchiCAD exported the curved parts of the complex profiles as polylines instead of real curves
    136106 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Base quantity of elements on which Solid Element Operation were applied were exported to IFC with incorrect Base Quantity
    136356 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Elements clipped by Roof could lose the clipping information when exporting particular file to IFC
    136878 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: From particular ArchiCAD file slabs were exported with erroneous geometry
    136339 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Mirrored copies of Columns rotated around their vertical axis lost their mirrored status when exported to IFC
    137420 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: With particular project elements were missing from the exported IFC file
    135451 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: Particular IFC file was imported with erroneous geometry of trimmed cylindrical beams
    139834 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: IFC didn't import site geometry in a special case
    139753 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: IFC object based hotlinks lost their materials
    135898 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: Materials of elements went wrong when importing a particular IFC file
    139835 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: Negative length value erroneously generated by Tekla was not handled by ArchiCAD's IFC import
    136394 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: Opening particular file resulted in wrong 3D model of some elements due to invalid Brep preparation of elements
    131450 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: When opening particular IFC file some pipe elements could go wrong
    138127 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: Columns had incorrect rotation angle in a particular IFC file
    133590 FILE/MODEL: One needed to open project twice so that correct complex profiles were loaded
    137596 INSTALL: In addition to the “silent” parameter a new “nowarning” parameter will prevent any dialog from showing on user screens concerning already patched components
    138263 INSTALL: On computers with multiple language versions of ArchiCAD it is now possible to silently update specified language versions with the “searchlanguage=xxx” parameter. “xxx” is the three letter code for the localization, for example: INT, GER, FIN
    141813 INSTALL: Patches the uninstaller to be compatible with Java 1.7.
    136520 MODEL: When an object went into an invisible renovation status it could change its position on the floor plan
    138051-138058 MODEL/DATA LOSS: Data of Roof elements could go Invalid
    137645 MODEL/FREEZE: With specific file ArchiCAD could hang after selecting area with a marquee and viewing it in 3D
    136294 TEAMWORK: During Send and Receive A “serious error has occurred" error message could come up in specific circumstances
    139480 TEAMWORK: IFC groups in mod file could cause "Server returns error code" error
    139547 TEAMWORK: In Teamwork project ownership violation error could occur after deleting an operator in a SEO operation coming from a hotlink module
    139576 TEAMWORK: Project could get into a state when a view with "Free for reservation" status could not be reserved
    140019 TEAMWORK: Reduce frequency of database commit failures by improving XREF handling algorithms
    129195 TEAMWORK: Several users of particular project could not read local cache, and could not join the project due to invalid elements
    137597 TEAMWORK/CRASH: After placing particular Teamwork project with custom profiles in it into another Teamwork file as a hotlink caused crash
    138855 TEAMWORK/CRASH: ArchiCAD could crash when joining a Teamwork project if third party add-ons were used with the project
    137148 TEAMWORK/CRASH: ArchiCAD could crash when sharing a Teamwork project if third party add-ons were used with the project
    139092 TEAMWORK/CRASH: Crash could occur after granting embedded library elements
    126758 TEAMWORK/CRASH: When opening particular project "Internal error found, ArchiCAD will be closed" error message came up, after pressing OK ArchiCAD crashed137842 TEAMWORK/LIBRARY: "Library update failed" error could come after adding specific shared library to a project

    Bugs fixed in optional Graphisoft components:

    129783 BIMx: "Play On Start" function didn't work
    138083 BIMx: BIMx viewer crashes when trying to save file on Vista
    136407 Cinema4D: Could not update the C4D plan without overwriting the materials of modified elements and duplicating them
    134985 Cinema4D: C4D file with materials that had PNG textures and alpha channel went wrong after reopening them in ArchiCAD

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