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    Grapplearts: Spider Guard Masterclass
    5xDVDRip | MP4/AVC, ~1600 kb/s | 720x404 | Duration: 09:31:13 | English: AAC, 161 kb/s (2 ch) | 7.04 GB
    Genre: Sport, Self-Defense​
    Spider Guard Masterclass with Elliott Bayev and Stephan Kesting gives you the keys to the kingdom. Its an impressive breakdown of this complex guard position and the areas surrounding it. Its got something for every position and scenario you might encounter. This is a valuable resource for both students and instructors.

    The guard is the most complex part of BJJ. And its an absolutely essential position. If you do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but you dont have a reliable, powerful and effective guard then youre in deep, deep trouble.

    Bottom line No guard equals no BJJ.

    The problem is that in BJJ most of the time the guard is a super-confusing position. There are so many unconnected techniques and seemingly endless scenarios.

    In a typical class an instructor might teach a series of isolated techniques: Heres a sweep from the closed guard a choke from the half guard a guard pass prevention technique Nothings connected; all you have are some individual techniques that sometimes work and sometimes dont work, without an overall framework to link all the pieces together.

    To be really effective at the guard to have a guard you can rely on when the chips are down you need a predictable, surefire system, not a bunch of individual techniques.

    So what were going to give you is a plug and play system showing you exactly what to do from the guard and when to do it.

    This gameplan is going to be for the Spider Guard, which is perhaps the most dominant form of guard in modern jiu-jitsu.

    The Spider Guard is undeniably effective. If you go and watch any high level BJJ competition youll see the Spider Guard being used with devastating results. Youll see the Spider Guard being used to sweep huge opponents, set up devastating submissions like triangle chokes, omoplatas, armlocks and leglocks, and to thwart the guard passing attempts of some of the best competitors in the world.

    Its versatile, its surprising, and its also incredibly frustrating for your opponents. Thats why its the favourite tool of many BJJ champions, top competitors, and luminaries of the sport. Competitors like Cobrinha, Keenan Cornelius, Tinguinha, Draculino, Romulo Barral, Marcelino Freitas, Michael Langhi and Leandro Lo have all used the Spider Guard to amazing effect.

    But until now there just hasnt been a resource that gave you the entire Spider Guard system. And thats where Spider Guard Masterclass with Elliott Bayev and Stephan Kesting comes in

    To be able to apply the Spider Guard (or any other guard for that matter) you need to know the techniques, but you ALSO need to know when to apply those techniques, how to link them together, and what to do when things go wrong.

    Spider Guard Masterclass is a complete, proven, drag and drop system for the open guard. It includes:
    - Effective and difficult-to-stop entries into Spider Guard, including guard pulls from the feet and transitions for other guards, so that you can always get back to your new ace-in-a-hole bottom position.
    - The four simple moves you should learn first to get started quickly with effective Spider Guard attacks, even if youre completely new to this position. But youll also get a proven progression goes beyond these four moves. Itll build your game up using this foundation so you can get to the intermediate and advanced techniques as fast as possible.
    - Winning sweeps and attack combinations proven at the very highest levels of BJJ competition to get you from the bottom to the top no matter how big and tough your opponent.
    - Step-by-step Spider Guard gameplans for when your opponent is on both knees, has one knee up, or is standing up on both feet. This means that youll always have an idea of what you should be doing, regardless of how your opponent is trying to posture in your guard.
    - Cutting edge Spider Guard variations used by the top BJJ competitors on the planet so you can baffle, confuse and dominate your training partners.
    - The specific attacks and submissions that work best at each stage of your Spider Guard development. This way youll always have something new to add to your game, regardless of whether youre a beginner, intermediate or advanced practitioner.
    - Precise gripping and positioning details that shut down your opponents best efforts to pass your guard before they can even get started (covered in Volume 1).
    - Submissions that come out of nowhere and leave your opponent no choice but to tap out. In fact Volume 1 also contains a special analysis of the heavy hitter submissions in Spider Guard: the triangle choke, and the omoplata attack series, including the counters and recounter used at the highest level, so that you can continually attack your opponent like a machine-gun, no matter what counters he tries to use.
    - Surprising and devastating chokes, leglocks, and armlocks, including moves like the superarmbar which are so powerful that youll be able to submit opponents twice as strong as you.
    - A detailed breakdown of, and a complete gameplan for, the traditional double-feet-on-biceps Spider Guard in Volume 2. This is the position that initially started the Spider Guard trend (and remains incredibly effective to this day). Theres a good reason that this variation of the Spider Guard is still a favourite position of many top fighters today
    - Advanced Spider Guard positions, like the Lasso Spider Guard, the Spider X Guard, the de la Spider Guard, Reverse de la Riva Guard, the Collar Spider Guard, and the Collar & Sleeve Spider Guard. These positions are covered in Volumes 3 and 4, and they provide some very powerful methods for manipulating your opponents base, which then lead to some incredibly powerful sweeps and submissions. Youll give your opponents fits with these techniques as they try to pass your guard.
    - For every Spider Guard variation in this set youll get a detailed breakdown of the position itself, steps for getting into that position, the sweeps and attacks from that position, and ways to shut down your opponents guard pass attempts. In other words youll be getting an incredibly detailed mini-gameplan for each position that you can then deploy to deal with any kind of opponent.
    - Techniques to safely transition between positions, keeping you one step ahead of your opponent and in full control of the match. The danger with transitions is a savvy opponent will use the moment when youre adjusting your grips to pass your guard, especially if you just release your old grips and grab for new ones. But by using Elliotts step-by-step gripping formulas youll keep your partner under control at all times, never giving him the chance to pass your guard as youre ratcheting your way towards more and more dominant positions.
    - Tricks, tactics and techniques to prevent the guard pass, including the most devastating and dominant guard passes being used in competition today. Ranging from simple adjustments that prevent guard passes before they start, to late-in-the-game techniques to recover your guard against a nearly complete guard pass, these techniques will make your guard much, much, much harder to pass. This is covered in detail in Volume 5, and the information on this one disc will save you so much frustration and heartache that it is easily worth the price of the entire set by itself.
    - Proven done for you shortcuts, each of which will save you months of frustrating experimentation. The precise details in each technique, and the gameplans that connect all the techniques together, will shave years off of your progression.

    Heres Whats In Each Volume of Spider Guard Masterclass

    BJJ is changing faster than ever, and the Spider Guard has evolved by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Now you can take advantage of these developments to jump start your guard game and get an unfair advantage on the mats against your training partners and opponents.

    When you order Spider Guard Masterclass youll get 5 volumes with more than 9 1/2 hours of spectacularly clear and well organised instruction with absolutely zero filler.

    Spider Guard Masterclass is the most comprehensive BJJ instruction ever produced. Below you can see for yourself what youll get in each volume

    DVD 1 Understanding Spider Guard
    Volume 1 of Spider Guard Masterclass goes into detail about the exact grips, techniques and drills you need to create pressure and control your opponent. This will give you a rock solid foundation for every one of the Spider Guard variations well be covering later in the set.

    In addition youll also get detailed breakdowns of the heavy hitter submissions in the Spider Guard the omoplata and triangle attacks including how to shut down and/or bypass the most common counters and escapes for these submissions. With this material youll be able to keep on attacking your opponent no matter how he tries to defend.

    1.Acknowledgements and Introduction
    2.What is Spider Guard?
    4.Grips & Hooks
    5.Breaking Grips
    6.Attacking Base
    7.Basic Movements
    8.Introduction to the Triangle Submission Chain
    9.Fundamental Triangle Finish
    10.Big Boy Triangle
    11.Triangle Armbar
    13.Inverse Armbars
    15.Armbar vs Posture
    16.Knock-backs vs Posture
    17.Punch Choke vs Hidden Arm
    18.Teepee vs Hidden Arm
    19.Triangle to Omoplata vs Hidden Arm [Formerly
    20.Triangle Submission Chain: Troubleshooting the Triangle
    21.Introduction to the Omoplata Submission Chain
    22.Fundamental Omoplata Finish
    23.Fundamental Finish Follow-ups
    24.The Rack
    25.Situp vs. Roll
    26.Re-roll To Reverse Crucifix vs Roll
    27.Re-roll to Reverse Crucifix Knee Trap
    28.See Saw vs. Stepover
    29.Spinning Omoplata vs. Stepover
    30.Knee-In Slingshot Sweep vs. Partial Stepover
    31.Triangle vs. Posture
    32.Swing vs. Posture
    33.Rollback vs. Posture
    34.Rollback Kneebar vs Posture
    35.Roll Away vs. Knee On Stomach
    36.Williams ReRoll vs. Rollunder

    DVD 2 Double Biceps Spider Guard, from Basic to Advanced
    In this volume youll get a complete gameplan for the classic (and still incredibly powerful) double feet on biceps version of the Spider Guard position.

    First youll learn how to move correctly and how to properly establish your grips and hooks in Double Biceps Spider Guard. Then youll learn how to get to your new home base from any position, starting with basic entries from the closed guard, and progressing to more advanced entries used by high level competitors.

    But thats only the tip of the iceberg The lions share of this volume is dedicated to the interconnected sweeps, submissions and combinations that make the Double Biceps position a lethal weapon.

    From the simple four part formula to use when starting out, to the advanced pass-prevention techniques thatll leave your opponents thwarted and frustrated, theres enough material here to keep your game accelerating up the curve for a long, long time!

    1.Introduction to Double Biceps Spider Guard
    2.Double Biceps Spider Guard Entry from Closed Guard
    3.Double Biceps Spider Guard Entry from Standing: Basic Guard Pull
    4.Double Biceps Spider Guard Entry from Standing: Durinho Guard Pull
    5.Double Biceps Spider Guard Entry from Standing: Langhi Guard Pull
    6.Double Biceps Spider Guard Entry from Open Guard
    7.Basic Attacks: Kite Sweep
    8.Basic Attacks: Stomping Triangle
    9.Basic Attacks: Stomping Omoplata
    10.Basic Attacks: Basic Balloon Sweep
    11.Intermediate Attacks: Swinging Kite Sweep
    12.Intermediate Attacks: Kite Sweep vs. Standing
    13.Intermediate Attacks: Ostap Triangle Choke
    14.Intermediate Attacks: Shin to Shin Triangle
    15.Intermediate Attacks: de La Riva Williams Twist
    16.Intermediate Attacks: de La Riva Sit Down Sweep
    17.Intermediate Attacks: de La Riva Curtain Sweep
    18.Intermediate Attacks: Romulo Kite Sweep
    19.Intermediate Attacks: Advanced Balloon Sweep Concepts
    20.Intermediate Attacks: Balloon Sweep Armbar
    21.Intermediate Attacks: Slingshot Sweep
    22.Intermediate Attacks: Transition to Collar & Sleeve
    23.Intermediate Attacks: Transition to Spider X
    24.Advanced Attacks: Fundamental Roleta Sweep
    25.Advanced Attacks: Sleeve Push Roleta Sweep
    26.Advanced Attacks: New Spider Sweep
    27.Advanced Attacks: Romulo Center Hook Balloon Sweep
    28.Advanced Attacks: Open Guard Roleta
    29.Advanced Attacks: de la Riva Backtake
    30.Advanced Attacks: Berimbolo
    31.Advanced Attacks: Advanced Sit Down Sweep Finishes

    DVD 3: Next Level Spider Guard, Volume 1
    This volume focuses on some of the modern variations and attacks from the Spider Guard, especially the Leg Lasso Spider Guard and the Spider X Guard. These are attacks and techniques from the cutting edge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

    Youll learn powerful and reliable entries, sweeps, submissions, and critical concepts, as well as the keys to easily transition into and out of these positions to keep your opponents guessing as to whats coming next! Theyll never know what hit em

    1.Introduction to the Next Level Spider Guard
    2.Introduction to the Leg Lasso Guard
    3.Leg Lasso Attacks: Swinging Kite Sweep
    4.Leg Lasso Attacks: Spinning Triangle Choke
    5.Leg Lasso Attacks: Spinning Omoplata
    6.Leg Lasso Attacks: Slingshot Sweep
    7.Leg Lasso Attacks: Shin to Shin Triangle vs One Knee Up
    8.Leg Lasso Attacks: Knee Hook Sweep vs One Knee Up
    9.Leg Lasso Attacks: Lasso Roleta Sweeps
    10.Leg Lasso Attacks: Spinunder Slingshot
    11.Leg Lasso Transitions & Defense: Lasso to Double Biceps
    12.Leg Lasso Transitions & Defense: Lasso to Collar Sleeve and Collar Spider
    13.Leg Lasso Transitions & Defense: Lasso to de la Riva and Spider X
    14.Leg Lasso Transitions & Defense: Leg Lasso Pass Prevention
    15.Introduction to the Spider X Guard
    16.Spider X Attacks: Lumberjack Sweep to One Legged X Pass
    17.Spider X Attacks: Balloon Sweep
    18.Spider X Attacks: Kickback Sweep to Footlock
    19.Spider X Attacks: Hidden Omoplata
    20.Spider X Transitions & Defense: Spider X to X Guard & Modified Curtain Sweep
    21.Spider X Transitions & Defense: Spider X Pass Prevention

    DVD 4: Next Level Spider Guard, Volume 2
    If Volume 3 was the cutting edge of BJJ, then this is the bleeding edge! The newest jiu-jitsu technology, ready to be deployed against all your favourite sparring partners.

    Here youll learn the techniques and strategies for the modern variations of Spider Guard including Collar-Sleeve Spider Guard, Spider-Collar Guard and Reverse de la Riva Guard! Broken down into easy-to-follow steps, now you can add the exact techniques being used by world champion BJJ players to your own game.

    1.Introduction to Next Level Spider Guard Volume 2
    2.Introduction to the Collar-Sleeve Guard
    3.Collar-Sleeve Guard Attacks: Scissor Sweep Series
    4.Collar-Sleeve Guard Attacks: Long Distance Triangle
    5.Collar-Sleeve Guard Attacks: Attacking Standing Opponents
    6.Collar-Sleeve Guard Attacks: Hand Feed Omoplata
    7.Collar-Sleeve Guard Attacks: Hip Push Omoplata
    8.Collar-Sleeve Guard Attacks: Ostap Shin Cut Omoplata
    9.Collar-Sleeve Guard Attacks: Shin to Shin Omplata
    10.Collar-Sleeve Guard Attacks: Sit Down Sweep Omoplata
    11.Collar-Sleeve Guard Attacks: Lasso of Truth Omoplata
    12.Collar-Sleeve Guard Attacks: Additional Attacks
    13.Collar-Sleeve Guard Transitions & Defense: Collar-Sleeve to Collar Spider
    14.Collar-Sleeve Guard Transitions & Defense: Collar-Sleeve Pass Prevention
    15.Introduction to Collar Spider Guard
    16.Collar Spider Entries
    17.Collar Spider Attacks: Swinging Kite Sweep to Triangle & Omoplata
    18.Collar Spider Attacks: Shin to Shin Triangle
    19.Collar Spider Attacks: Stomping Balloon Sweep
    20.Collar Spider Attacks: Sit Down Sweep
    21.Collar Spider Attacks: Shin to Shin Curtain Sweep vs Pullaway
    22.Collar Spider Attacks: Braulio Kneebar
    23.Collar Spider Attacks: Side Stomp to Romulo Pant Grip Attacks
    24.Collar Spider Pass Prevention
    25.Introduction to Reverse de la Riva Guard
    26.Reverse de la Riva Entries
    27.Reverse de la Riva Attacks: Langhi Spinunder
    28.Reverse de la Riva Attacks: Hammer Sweep
    29.Reverse de la Riva Attacks: Reverse Hook Sweep
    30.Reverse de la Riva Attacks: Situp to Single Leg
    31.Reverse de la Riva Attacks: Basic Spinunder to Back
    32.Reverse de la Riva Attacks: Spinunder to Slingshot Sweep
    33.Reverse de la Riva Attacks: Collar Rollunder

    DVD 5 Invincible Spider Guard
    In Volume 5 of Spider Guard Masterclass youll get a complete gameplan and detailed step-by-step techniques for maintaining Spider Guard against high level opponents who are trying to pass your guard.

    This section includes simple yet incredibly effective tricks, techniques and tactics to prevent the most popular, most powerful passes used in competition these days.

    First youll learn the deceptively simple grip and hook retention cheats that shut down the guard pass before it starts, but youll also get powerful techniques to recover the guard even when your opponent is almost past your legs. This one volume will save you years of frustration trying to figure all this stuff out on your own.

    2.Sideways Spider Guard Twist Down Hook Strip
    3.Sideways Spider Guard Twist Down Counter: Toe Point
    4.Sideways Spider Guard Twist Down Counter: Roleta/Slingshot
    5.Sideways Spider Guard Twist Down Counter: Stomping Omoplata
    6.Sideways Spider Guard Twist Down Counter: Rotate to Superarmbar
    7.Sideways Spider Guard Twist Down Counter: Leandro Lo Grip
    8.Sideways Spider Guard Twist Up Hook Strip
    9.Sideways Spider Guard Twist Up Counter: Heel Point
    10.Sideways Spider Guard Twist Up Counter: Leg Pullaway & Reset
    11.Sideways Spider Guard Twist Up Counter: Spin to Armbar
    12.Sideways Spider Guard Twist Up Counter: Leandro Lo Grip
    13.Sideways Spider Guard Twist Up Counter: Situp & Stiffarm vs Shuck
    14.Sideways Spider Guard Knee Spike Hook Strip
    15.Sideways Spider Guard Knee Spike Counter: Side Switch
    16.Sideways Spider Guard Knee Spike Counter: Roleta Sweep
    17.Sideways Spider Guard Knee Spike Counter: Roleta Pressure to Reset
    18.Sideways Spider Guard Knee Pike Hook Strip
    19.Sideways Spider Guard Knee Pike Counter: Side Switch
    20.Sideways Spider Guard Knee Pike Counter: Hip Lift to Side Switch
    21.Sideways Spider Guard Knee Pike Counter: Romulo Center Hook & Shin to Shin Triangle
    22.Sideways Spider Guard Leg Stomp Hook Strip
    23.Sideways Spider Guard Leg Stomp Counter: Side Switch
    24.Sideways Spider Guard Leg Stomp Counter: Hip Kick & Reloop
    25.Centered Spider Guard Twist Down Hook Strip
    26.Centered Spider Guard Twist Down Counter: Toe Point
    27.Centered Spider Guard Twist Down Counter: Roleta Sweep / Lumberjack Combo
    28.Centered Spider Guard Twist Down Counter: Shin Check
    29.Centered Spider Guard Twist Down Counter: Shoulder Check
    30.Centered Spider Guard Twist Down Counter: Transition to Spider X
    31.Centered Spider Guard Twist Down Counter: Cross Bicep Catch
    32.Centered Spider Guard Double Rainbow Pass
    33.Centered Spider Guard Double Rainbow Counter: Heavy Legs & Reloop
    34.Centered Spider Guard Double Rainbow Counter: Shoulder Walk
    35.Centered Spider Guard Double Rainbow Counter: Toe Post
    36.Centered Spider Guard Double Rainbow Counter: Roll to Knees
    37.Centered Spider Guard Double Rainbow Counter: Knees to Chest
    38.Centered Spider Guard Double Underscoop Pass
    39.Centered Spider Guard Double Underscoop Counter: Heel Point
    40.Centered Spider Guard Double Underscoop Counter: Shoulder Walk
    41.Centered Spider Guard Double Underscoop Counter: Toe Post
    42.Centered Spider Guard Double Underscoop Counter: Rolling Guard Pull
    43.Centered Spider Guard Forced Sitting Guard Passes
    44.Centered Spider Guard Forced Sitting Guard Counter: Williams Sit
    45.Centered Spider Guard Forced Sitting Guard Counter: Armdrag / Arm Shuck
    46.Centered Spider Guard Forced Sitting Guard Counter: Break Grips & Spider Pull
    47.Centered Spider Guard Forced Sitting Guard: Collar Drag
    48.Introduction to de la Riva Guard Passes
    49.De la Riva Stepover Counter: Shoulder Push / Lasso
    50.De la Riva Stepover Counter: Forced Walk to Reset
    51.De la Riva Stepover Counter: Transition to Reverse de la Riva
    52.De la Riva Backstep Counter: Pre-emptive Berimbolo
    53.De la Riva Stepover Counter: Knee Shield Space Creation
    54.De la Riva Stepover Counter: Reverse Half Guard Sweep
    55.De la Riva Stepover Counter: Elbow Post to Back
    56.Introduction to the X Pass / Bullfighter Pass
    57.X Pass / Bullfighter Pass Counter: Spin Under
    58.X Pass / Bullfighter Pass Counter: Shin Check
    59.Introduction to the Leg Drag Guard Pass
    60.Leg Drag Counter: Reloop
    61.Leg Drag Counter: Collar Push
    62.Leg Drag Counter: Forearm Push
    63.Leg Drag Counter: Guillotine
    64.Introduction to the Leg Shuck Guard Pass
    65.Leg Shuck Counter: Situp & Sleeve Push
    66.Leg Shuck Counter: Elbow Post & Shin Check
    67.Leg Shuck Counter: Granby vs Wrist Grip Switch
    68.Leg Shuck Counter: Reloop vs Pant Grip Granby Counter
    69.Conclusion & Acknowledgements

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