Greaser's Palace (1972)

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    Greaser's Palace is a comical, chaotic, absurdist and surreal religious parody. It's like 'El Topo' meets 'The Life of Brian'. Alan Arrbus plays a strange messiah-like zoot-suited actor/singer/dancer called Jessy, who one day parachutes into a field close to a Western town where a host of odd characters hang out, the main one being a constipated chap called Seaweedhead Greaser, who runs the titular saloon. Jessy has some miraculous traits - he can walk on water and heals some of the locals by telling them: "If you feel, you heal".

    A combination of the Old West and the New Testament; a zoot-suited drifter (Allan Arbus) discovers his true calling and begins to perform miracles. What he really prefers though is doing his boogie-woogie song-and-dance act. In his wanderings he attracts many followers and finally gets to play The Palace, a saloon run by ruthless Seaweed Greaser (Albert Henderson). The act is a success, but Greaser's spoiled daughter, Cholera (Luana Anders), his hitherto star, is furious--"A man with holes in his hands is a bigger hit than me?"--and all according to the Gospel of cult filmmaker Robert Downey

    Rating: 6.2/10
    Runtime: 91
    Language: English
    Country: US
    Color: Colour

    File size: 1.25Gb | Dimensions: 720 x 400
    Video: 1840kbps DivX | Audio: 128 kb/s mp3

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    Wow! This movie is impossible to find. I have looked everywhere...

    Thank you very much.. :heyo:

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