Guitar and Drum Trainer 3.3.4

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    Guitar and Drum Trainer 3.3.4


    Guitar & Drum Trainer is the MP3 audio player that is all about helping you to be the best musician that you can be. (Soldiers included.) And if you are serious about your music, and you think there is room to improve your playing, then Guitar & Drum Trainer is for you. And if you’re already blazing down the fretboard at lightspeed, then Guitar & Drum Trainer is your perfect transcription tool to help you get things down on paper.

    Guitar & Drum Trainer is the ultimate musician’s MP3 audio player. We’ve all heard the gurus say, “gradually build speed” and we know that’s true. Nobody starts off blazing like Bach, Paganinni, Vai or Yngwie. Speed and accuracy take practice. Guitar & Drum Trainer can help you improve the quality of your practice time and get far better results.

    Use Guitar & Drum Trainer to:
    – Get more out of practice time on any instrument
    – Learn music by ear
    – Transcribe music easier
    – Slow down music for dance practice
    – Pitch shift for vocal practice

    Slow Down MP3 Music
    GDT lets you slow down MP3 music so that you can play at your own pace, but that’s just the beginning.

    What you can do

    – Slow down MP3 music
    – Pitch shift music
    – Count in to music
    – Adjust a professional level 31 band EQ
    – Set loop points
    – Save loop points, EQ settings, wave color sets, and song configurations
    – SEE the music with wave forms and EQ visualizations
    – Control how you want to listen to your music
    – Play MP3, OGG or WAV files
    – Improve your accuracy & speed with the GDT Speed Trainer

    Set Loop Points

    Setting loop points is perfect for practising solos, rhythm sections, or small parts of a song. Create loop points by left or right clicking on the music wave form (left click for start, and right click for end loop markers). You can create as many loop points as you like and easily switch between them - just click on the saved loop point name.

    Speed Trainer

    The Speed Trainer lets you gradually speed up loops to practice at increasingly faster speeds. You can loop at the same speed several times, then increase it by a set amount. You can even use it to practice your guitar at gradually slower and slower speeds.

    Isolate Instruments

    A powerful professional 31 band EQ lets you isolate and boost note ranges while cutting out others.

    Count In

    If your keyboard or drum kit is across the room you can set a count down timer. When you click play, Guitar & Drum Trainer will then count down before starting the music.

    Save Song Configurations

    Getting that perfect EQ setting can take a bit of tweaking. And setting seamless loop points can take a few tries. So keep your work and save your songs in Guitar & Drum Trainer song configuration files. The next time you want to practise that song, just load your *.GDT file and start practising again right where you left off.

    SEE the Music!

    New in GDT you can see the music on 2 wave forms. There’s a full song view and a zoomed view for closeups down to 1 second. Click on them to set loop points where you can see the music, or seek to exactly where you want to hear.

    What We Can’t Tell You…

    There’s no way to tell you about what you can do with GDT. You have to experience it for yourself. We could try to tell you about how you can see the music with 2 wave forms, and how you can isolate instruments with the 31 band EQ, and how you can set precise loops with a simple left or right click, and how you can keep your work in GDT song config files… But until you try it, that’s all just hot air. Download a FREE trial and see just how GDT can help you become the best musician you can be!

    Windows 2000 / XP / 2003
    CPU 2.0 GHz or higher
    RAM 512 MB or higher
    (GDT runs on lower spec computers but is not tested for Windows 98 or Me. There are some powerful CPU functions to let you run GDT on low spec computers.
    .NET 2.0 Framework

    RS Download:

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