NitroFlare Gumroad: Kings Harem Full Series Bundle by Adam Duff

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    Gumroad - Kings Harem Full Series Bundle by Adam Duff | 13.6 GB
    Immediately get your hands on over 14 hours of hardcore, in-depth learning material that includes the entire painting process of the realism-fantasy painting Kings Harem, a work over 6 months in the making.

    Also included are countless informative lectures, not only on the artistic process but on forging a solid and successful career as a professional artist, marketing, networking, finding inspiration and personal style, developing confidence with clients and studio directors and countless more.

    These lessons are coming to you from not only a professional artist with almost 20 years of professional experience in gaming, film and television, but from one who is currently working as a career teacher in advanced digital painting and film animation. He has also accumulated over 7 years of experience directing and supervising for some of the worlds leading game and film studios like Electronic Arts, and animated Disney television.

    Bottom line ladies and gentlemen, I'm not here to show off and teach you nothing - I'm here to drive more knowledge and skill into your brain in a single series of tutorials than you have ever experienced - I want to provide you with everything you need to grow and thrive and find that passion and voice that you are so hungry for.

    - Kings Harem Part 1 - Mastering Color and Light
    - Kings Harem Part 2 - Color Mastery & Photo-realistic Rendering
    - Kings Harem Part 3 - Capturing the Human Soul
    - Kings Harem Part 4 - Rendering Realistic Fabric & Immersive Environments
    - Kings Harem Part 5 - Design & Balance
    - Kings Harem Part 6 - The Final Chapter
    - Bonus 2 hour Advanced Visual Storytelling lecture (video)
    - 5 .psd's up to level of completion of each part
    - .jpg of final version of Kings Harem
    - Full and well-organized/labelled Photoshop brush set (you'll love em!)

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