NitroFlare Hal Croasmun - Ultra High Speed Rewrite intro

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    Hal Croasmun - Ultra High Speed Rewrite intro

    Hal Croasmun gave this teleseminar on 7-27-2015. I recorded it from my phone to my laptop mic and it came out just fine. At the end of part 1, Hal goes silent. The phone broke on their end. Part 2 begins from a moment after they came back online, so there is a mid-point break but it is complete.

    In this 2 hour class Hal goes over the psychology and techniques of what is a rewrite, why a rewrite, how to produce a rewrite quickly, how to do that faster and faster yet. How to approach a rewrite if you have days, hours or minutes to get something completed under pressure. The higher level of a professional you are, the more fast rewriting is required, so better get good at it!

    Although it is directed at the rewrite process, certainly much is applicable into editing and first writes as well. Hal does sprinkle mentions of how much further they take each concept in their paid programs and the successes that his students have had using these methods, and there is much, much more serious content than salespitch.


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