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  1. BkmmoN

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    I joind yesterday, love this site. did some reading, but some things are prity new to me.:mr47_05:
    I downloaded a movie yesterday, it has 4 parts to it. the file was ziped and I unziped it. Now I want to burn it on to a DVD so that I can play it on my DVD player.
    Now how am I to do it? do I need a new softwear for it?
    I have Vista runing on my PC.
  2. Dekstr

    Dekstr Guest

    When you unzipp it , whay file did you get?
    Did you downloaded xvid movied or DVD5/9 movie?
  3. BkmmoN

    BkmmoN Guest

    I got XVID.
    Do I need all 4 parts.
    Please help. I've been trying the hole day and don't know what I'mdoing rong
    or what I'm doing.
  4. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Guest

    If your dvd player has the capability of playing divx or xvid files (usually it has a logo for divx which means it can play both or you can check it's manual), then simply burn the avi on a cd or dvd as normal data disc and play. Your dvd player will automatically play it from the root of the disc or u can navigate thru the remote also.

    Some problems occur like jumping of picture when the avi is encoded with packed bitstream enabled. To find out if your movies is one of these then use a small program MPEG4 Modifier & remove packed bitstream thru it & then burn it.

    Also, some high res avi like the modern day brrip with 720p picture (1280x720) might also cause problems if your dvd player does not support high res or upscaling feature.
  5. Dekstr

    Dekstr Guest

    you have 4 parts . Than right-click on first part (part.1) than , when finish you will get a new file or folder , burn it with nero or some other software for that !
    If you could get some printscreen of those file , so i can see what's the problem!
  6. BkmmoN

    BkmmoN Guest

    Thanks, Dekstr,

    Now once I unziped the first part of the movie there was more files in it. so I unzped one and there was a movi file.
    I downlorded a converter software, so using the converter software I burned it to the DVD. The problem was the sound and caractors of the movie was not going at the same time. We heard the audio befor the action.
    So what should I do.
    What do I need to do to burn a movie to a DVD after downloding a movie from this sight.
    My dvd player doesn't play divx.
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    Try CONVERTX.It's easy to use and does a good job.

  8. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Guest

    First of all, please mention which post has the links of the movie you downloaded. Secondly, which software you have used to convert it to dvd & at what settings?

    Most of the time, during the conversion, when you try to convert a 25 fps movie to 29.97fps or 23.976 fps dvd, audio-video sync gets disturbed. So please provide the above asked stats for solution to be provided.
  9. BkmmoN

    BkmmoN Guest

    So I down lorded all 4 parts. unziped part1. then there were more files to unzip. Unziped the first file. then there was "jmj-mona movie clip"
    Used CONVERTX to DVD and burned it to a DVD. Then watched the movie. Me and my wife noticed the defect but my son he enjoyed the move.
    So that's how it happend. I hope one of u can help me. B'coz i'm yet learning all this computer stuff.:138:
  10. Sephiroth

    Sephiroth Guest

    You have downloaded a copy of Monsters Vs Aliens DVDRiP XviD-JUMANJi. This rip has variable bit-rate mp3 which can cause the sync issue.

    Please do the following. Download Avidemux (free) from here:
    and install it.

    Open file in it, it will warn that avi has VBR audio. Select copy for video & mp3 (lame) for audio. Then in the same audio section, select configure & choose the following:
    * Channel mode : Stereo
    * Bitrate mode: CBR
    * Quality: 2
    * Bitrate: 160kbps

    and press OK. Then select file from the toolbar & select save -> save video, it will ask for a location to save a file, provide the name with .avi added, for eg. Monsters Vs Aliens DVDRiP XviD-JUMANJi.avi

    Depending upon the speed of your pc, a new avi will be created with cbr audio which you can convert with Convertxtodvd for DVD player.

    PS: you can directly make a dvd from the Avidemux program also but thats a bit diff. & requires a little tech. about bit-rate, res, etc.
  11. BkmmoN

    BkmmoN Guest

    TX to all the guys who helped me.
    I'm not sure everything I did was correct, but I whatched the movie with my son.
    I will read more I try to understand how all this software works. I'm not that good with computers, hopefully by tryal and earer I will learn.:138:
  12. Dekstr

    Dekstr Guest

    np ... hope i help a little ... we are here to help ;)
    Always feel free to ask . No one was born and know everything ! ;)

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