NitroFlare Help & Manual Professional 7.0.6 Build.3731 + Premium Pack

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    Help & Manual Professional 7.0.6 Build 3731 + Premium Pack | 179.65 MB

    With Help+Manual, you have a documentation tool that is as easy to use as a word processor, yet much more powerful! The learning curve is short. While it is as easy to use like Word, Help+Manual gives you the full power of a true WYSIWYG XML editor.
    There is no real need for day*long training classes (though we offer them, too). Help+Manual puts all tools that you need for writing documentation at your fingertips.

    One Source, Multi*Channel Output
    Help+Manual handles the complexities of documentation generation for you. Power users, however, can get under the hood and manipulate topic and layout templates and more. Help+Manual gives you the best of both worlds.

    Power Features for Power Users
    Help+Manual is much more than a help authoring and documentation software, it is a full suite of tools. Everything you need is included in the price, along with free support.

    * Teamwork and multi*user editing? Check!
    * Integrated Version Control? Check!
    * Translation management? Check!
    * Image tools and project management? Double Check!

    Whats new in Help+Manual 7?
    We literally worked on every detail and implemented many user suggestions in this release. Help+Manual 7 is fully compatible with ultra*high resolution monitors and the editor supports a real zoom. Completely new is the Microsoft Word output in DOCX format, ePUB 3.0, Amazon Kindle, and the eWriter eBooks for Windows: a new format with the potential to be a full replacement for CHM files as documentation for Windows.

    * Multiple TOCs and Version Control
    * Responsive Images, Web Videos and SVG
    * Microsoft Word, ePUB, Kindle, Windows eBooks
    * Adobe PDF Output Reworked
    * User Interface, Editing and Formatting



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