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Discussion in 'Archive' started by ladybird, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. ladybird

    ladybird Guest

    Got the disc to load and it is Nero 7 essentials, license has oem and exp. none
    Is this the right Nero to have that will burn movies/make movies etc ? or do I need something else? Thanks
    When I go to Nero smart start on the DVD side I click Make a DVD-video files but when I try to add my video (recorded from my digital camera) it will not take it. Only *.bup,*vob,*ifo files . ??????
  2. you really need the full version of nero to make everything work ok. i use it all the time.............
  3. ladybird

    ladybird Guest

    Can I make the one I have now into the full version? Do I need a new serial number/license? Thanks
  4. you need a new serial number but there are some on here that have a cracked full version though..............
  5. ladybird

    ladybird Guest

    I have tried to download 3 versions of nero on here like 8 and 9 but winrar says corrupt on every extract.(even tried to repair the file) I guess I will try a few others to see if I can get one to work, or hopefully a serial number. I know my winrar is fine. Thanks so much, Scotsdavy!
  6. i ended up buying a new version from nero as all the cracks in the world don`t seem to work for nero. they all fail in the end and it`s not worth the hassle...........hope you get it though
  7. ladybird

    ladybird Guest

    Guess I will do the same too, everything is corrupt or not working for me. (very new so I may not be doing it right!) :noidea: but trying!Thanks for replying and helping me! I try to add to your rep but it says I need to spread the "rep" before I do again! Thanks!
  8. appreciate that, will give you some for trying so hard..........
    doesn`t cost too much to buy it, you download the nero and they will give you a serail for it. when installing, make sure you tick all the boxes or some might not load
    rep added...............
  9. Sephiroth

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    It seems that you are doing it all wrong. Nero in DVD-video mode only accepts .vob or .ifo as inputs & nothing else. In order to make dvd video disc you need to convert your files to mpeg2 format as this is the format specified as per ISO standards. Get HC Encoder (if you are a an enthusiast or power user) or else use any software like VSO ConvertXtoDVD or TMPGEnc XPress to convert them easily with menus and then burn them using Nero. No need to buy a new version or upgrade.
  10. memberix

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    there are working serials and keygens for nero 8. and for nero 9 but i don't kno if all the programs worked.
    get Tmpgenc xpress and use that. it's lot better than nero's tools.
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    just use convertxtodvd to convert any kind of file and burn it as dvd ..Dont need to buy Nero8
  12. ladybird

    ladybird Guest

    Thanks so much for all the replies and help!! Great info!

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