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Discussion in 'Archive' started by rensve, May 15, 2011.

  1. rensve

    rensve Guest

    Hi everybody. I'm new here and I still need to look around. I hope I'll stay with you for a long time. :)
  2. allwaysfair

    allwaysfair Guest

    hello bro , hello 2 everyone , im new too :D
  3. PrestigeHYIP

    PrestigeHYIP Guest

    hi, my friend :D
  4. Hello .nice to meet you
  5. kpgokul

    kpgokul Guest

    Hello.. ý'm also new here.....
  6. goran-te

    goran-te Guest

    hi mate :)

    why i can't post?
  7. tescu

    tescu Guest

    Hello , I am new here :)
  8. midor123456

    midor123456 Guest

    Hello .nice to meet u
  9. moh8888d

    moh8888d Guest

    hello . am old here
  10. oski225

    oski225 Guest

    Hi, i'm new there :)
    Nice to meet you.
  11. glorusek

    glorusek Guest

    Ji im new too, nice to meet you
  12. hitxxx

    hitxxx Guest

    welcome [​IMG]
  13. all4you

    all4you Guest

    hello , nice to meet you

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