hi new uploader here

Discussion in 'Archive' started by John_Ski, May 25, 2011.

  1. John_Ski

    John_Ski Guest

    hi all, i am an uploader. Nice to meet you :D
  2. OBIoneSS

    OBIoneSS Guest

    hey men
  3. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    If you have Problems with Posting === Go to;

    and introduce yourself, and say I invited you! ;-)


    The previous staff from DivxTurka apologise to all you members for all the faults and
    repairs the owners refuse to do. They have now decided to allow only their own
    Turkish Uploaders to post and have demoted us original staff to normal members
    and taken on their own new Turkish Uploaders. That is why so many of you
    can no longer post on there.

    Because of these awful actions and the many faults on there, the previous
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    We also now have FTP and if you decide to help us with our
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    If there is anything you want and we dont have it in the General
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    If you need help with anything else, like your computer or any
    tools, other help etc. in general, you find Help sections in the relevant
    Forums where you can start a new thread and ask.

    We have also started regular competitions, so our members
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    all you members know there is hope
    for you with this new site.

    Best Regards

    The [email protected]
  4. tescu

    tescu Guest

    I am new , hope i make a good job :)
  5. gummypurple

    gummypurple Guest

    nice to meet you
  6. Marnie

    Marnie Guest

    Thanks for the info about dreamteamdownloads1.com
  7. Marnie

    Marnie Guest

    Thanks for the info
  8. ko_power

    ko_power Guest

    welcome bro and thanks for info ladybbird
  9. hey all im new from scotland :)
  10. xsunx

    xsunx Guest

    Welcome uploaders. I don't want to be a spammer. I never post fake. Thanks.
  11. 3.14

    3.14 Guest

    hello dude
  12. Slaver22

    Slaver22 Guest

    Yo! Nice to meet you :D
  13. fetchfile09

    fetchfile09 Guest

    welcome sir!!!
  14. delirek

    delirek Guest

    Hi dude

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