Holiday & Holli-dei (2006)

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    Rating: 6.9/10 193 votes
    Runtime: 122
    Language: Korean (hardcoded English subs)
    Country: South Korea
    Color: Color

    Director: Yun-ho Yang
    Min-su Choi ... Kim An-seok
    Hyun Dong ... Lee Kwang-pal
    Se-jin Jang ... Kim Jang-kyung
    An Jo ... Ko Hyo-joo
    Bong-gyu Lee ... Lee Deok-man
    Eol Lee ... Hwang Dae-chul
    Sung-jae Lee ... Ji Kang-heon
    Young-dong Moon ... Kwon Sang-ho
    Sung-min Sol ... Lee Joo-hwan
    Hyeon-Soo Yeo ... Choi Min-seok

    Description: Ji Kang-heon (Lee Sung-jae) and his brother live in the slums of Seoul. For the Olympic Games the neighborhood is supposed to be purged, in order for the town to make a good impression on foreigners. The government even doesn't flinch from hiring detainees to violently evacuate the place. Ji's brother in desperation takes a hostage, whereupon the sadistic cop Kim An-seok (Choi Min-su) shoots him. Ji is sentenced to several years in prison because of resistance.
    In prison Ji has to find out, that he isn't the only one who serves a sentence that is way too harsh considering his crimes. The reason for this unjustness is a law, that punishes poor crooks more than rich businessmen. It gets even worse for Ji as An-seok becomes the new boss of the prison. Between Ji and An-seok there are several quarrels at which end Ji always ends up in solitary confinement or is tortured.
    However, with his stubbornness and his hatred for An-seok, Ji manages to make some friends among his cell mates. After he even gets gangster boss Dae-chul (Lee Eol) on his side, he makes some plans with his allies to get out of prison. When they are finally free, they want to inform the public about the injustice of korean law.

    Rar Password: None

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