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                                  PRESENTS TO YOU
                                 Homeworld (2008)
                     Video Codec....: XviD-1.2.1
                     Video Bitrate..: 835 kbps
                     Audio Codec....: MP3 VBR Stereo
                     Audio Bitrate..: 131 kbps
                     Aspect Ratio...: 2.35:1
                     Resolution.....: 640 x 272
                     Frame Rate.....: 25.000 fps
                     Genre..........: Sci-Fi
                     Runtime........: 104 mins
                     RAR Count......: 50x15
                     Audio Language.: English
                     Subtitles......: N/A
                     DVD Date.......: 12.06.2008
                     Release Date...: 12.31.2008
                     Theater Date...: 01.18.2008
                     IMDB Rating....: 3.6/10 (37 votes)
             The year: 3037. Earth is at war with aliens called
             Mendax. They have remarkable mental abilities and are
             determined to wipe out all mankind. In retaliation, a
             military team is sent to the Mendax homeworld. Their
             mission: To deliver the Devorga Strain, a powerful virus
             engineered to attack the Mendax immune system,
             exterminating them from their planet. One of the team
             members is terribly injured when their ship crash lands
             on the Mendax homeworld. Will they leave a member of
             their team behind, or risk being slowed by the burden
             When the secret of Homeworld is discovered, they must
             find the truth within themselves or all is lost. But how
             can you learn the truth when everything you see and feel
             may be an illusion
             Beau Ballinger............. : ............Lieutenant Gray
             Bronston DeLone............ : ..............Corporal Hart
             Vance Harvey............... : ..............Captain Dolen
             Galen Howard............... : ......................Isaac
             Larissa Kasian............. : ............Sergeant Fulsom
             Kenneth Sears.............. : ...............Doctor Bayne
             David Velasquez............ : ...............The Colonist


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