NitroFlare How to Create a Training Guide Using Snagit (Volume.1)

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    How to Create a Training Guide Using Snagit (Volume 1)
    English | 2015 | mp4 | H264 1280x720 | AAC 2 ch | 1 hr | 239 MB
    eLearning, Office Productivity, Other | Skill level: Beginner level

    A Concise Step-by-Step Course Showing You the Way to Create Professional Training Guides, Quickly.
    Learn the basic concepts, tools, and skills that you will need to create training guides with the popular screen capture software, Snagit.

    - Establish a strong foundation in Snagit and training guide creation with this course.
    - Understand the ideas of themes & theory
    - Generate screen captures
    - Edit screen captures
    - Add callouts

    A great skill at your fingertips

    Training guides are a great way to document processes and documented processes are great for teaching and training. The ideal student for this course could be Teacher, Office Manager, Small Business Owner, or Content Provider, but really it's anyone that wants to document processes with screen captures or images; even if you've never used Snagit before.

    Content and Overview

    Learn how to use Snagit screen capture software to create professional training guides, quickly.

    In this course, I share my system for creating training guides from start to finish. Follow me through an example training guide as I lead you step by step from screen capture, to edits, to adding callouts, to placement in a document, to creating a PDF.

    This course is 100% video, features 5 sections, includes 4 training guide examples that I review, and is less than an hour long (concise!). See the easy way to use Snagit and learn from my 10 plus years of experience creating training guides.

    What are the requirements?
    - Have access to Snagit - at the time of this publishing the 15 day FREE trial version will work
    - Have access to Google Docs or any other word processing software (MS Word, etc.)
    - The concepts taught in this course work for PC or Mac

    What am I going to get from this course?
    - Over 15 lectures and 53 mins of content!
    - Create professional looking training guides using Snagit
    - Configure Snagit settings to allow for an efficient screen capture process
    - Easily create one of a kind custom callouts in Snagit
    - Finalize training guides using Google Docs

    What is the target audience?
    - This course is best suited for anyone that wants to learn how to create training guides using Snagit; even if you've never used Snagit before. If you're responsible for documenting processes (especially with computer software), it's a great fit. Teachers, office managers, small business owners, content providers, or anyone that wants to document processes with screen captures or images would benefit from this course. I've had Office Manager responsibilities in the past and I used what I teach in this course frequently, creating hundreds of training guides.
    - This course is NOT a course about design or art as it relates to creating training guides. Although, I do cover my thoughts on themes and theory with the intention of creating informative, professional, and aesthetically pleasing training guides.




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