how to increase a length of an audio for dual audio movie

Discussion in 'Archive' started by kartikoli, May 19, 2010.

  1. kartikoli

    kartikoli Guest

    how to increase a length of an audio [usually hindi] to make dual audio movie

    i can rip video using megui but to insert dual audio length of hindi audio is usually less so it does not sync...

    please guide me
  2. kartikoli

    kartikoli Guest

    plzz help guys
  3. custer

    custer Guest

    I need to know exactly what kind of sync issues you have. It seems that you are talking about
    sync that is good at the beginning of the video, but gets slowly farther and farther out of sync?
    That's call 'gradual loss of sync'. That can be fixed. Is that what you have?

    Oh, and by 'dual audio' do you mean stereo [two channels] or two audio streams, such as two languages?
  4. kartikoli

    kartikoli Guest

    yes exactly u mentioned

    dual audio means English and hindi audio

    suppose english audio is 2hr 10min then hindi audio will be 2hr. 2 min.
    i want to increase hindi audio to match the length of english audio so that i can mux them
  5. custer

    custer Guest

    You can still mux the audio stream whether or not they are the same length.
    Are you saying you've tried this and the hindi audio is then out of sync?

    There are several ways to do what you are asking for.
    You can add silence to an audio file on the ends, or anywhere in between.
    You can also do an operation called stretching.

    If you don't have the apps yet, you will need Goldwave and Sound Forge Pro.

    Both should be here and you should be able to find them with a search.

    Do you already know how to mux?
  6. kartikoli

    kartikoli Guest

    i know how to mux [used mkvmerge and avi mux]
    usually i increase the fps using time code for video to match the audio when i try only 1 audio but i this case i will have to make sure that both audio are of same length so that they both can be muzed

    i dont want to add silence [begining/end]

    i tried stretch in audecity but in that case audio sounds differently which i dont want

    please find the tutorial of the abv mentioned applications so that its easy for me to just follow it

    waiting for your valuable advice
  7. custer

    custer Guest

    So in your short audio file the beginning and end points are correct with the video. Ok.

    I'd try changing the sampling rate first with Goldwave. This type of editing changes the pitch but we're talking about a length of ~106% so it may not be noticeable.

    Open the audio file with Goldwave... Goldwave decompresses to a wave file.

    [This is just a copy and paste from the included help file in Goldwave... Index..Time Warp.]

    Time Warp
    Menu Command: Effect | Time Warp

    Changes the playback speed or stretches/compresses the length of the selection. The Change value lets you specify a relative change in percent. A value of 50 makes the selection play twice as slow. A value of 200 makes the selection play twice as fast. The Length option lets you specify a new length for the selection. This is useful if you need to make a sound fit a certain time, such as squeezing a 35 second commercial into a 30 second spot.

    Three different time altering algorithms are provided, each with advantages and disadvantages.

    Changes the sampling rate of the entire sound so that it plays back at a different speed, similar to spinning a vinyl record faster or slower. It works the same way as the speed fader in the Control window, but in this case, the sound itself is changed. This technique is very fast and produces excellent quality. However, the pitch of the sound is changed as well.

    I'd try Rate first.... specifiy a new length rather than a percent change.
    Leave Algorithm set at Rate, leave presets blank, click ok.

    Recompress, same as original. Mux. Check your sound. The pitch shouldn't have changed that much.

    I have V5.55, I see V5.56 is here.

    When I do 'gradual loss of sync' correct, I use Sound Forge only for its graph to pinpoint the beginning of certain sounds. I do the editing in Goldwave. You won't need Sound Forge for what you want here.

    Your start and end points match the video? This is why you don't want to add silence. Ok.
  8. kartikoli

    kartikoli Guest

    gr8 let me try and revert bak
  9. custer

    custer Guest

    I hope it works for you. Muxing audio from another video often doesn't work without serious sync problems. Let us know how you do.
  10. kartikoli

    kartikoli Guest

    sorry for the late reply but i had to format my PC so was busy doing basic settings

    may be in next 2-3 days i will try as i have to do many imp. works first
  11. kartikoli

    kartikoli Guest

    wow finally managed to do it with audecity

    i had blueray mask of zorro of length 2: 17:10 in english and low quality avi of length 2:05:16 in hindi

    extracted the audio of both and opened in audecity
    added 20sec of begining from english audio to the bigining of hindi audio

    used 'change tempo' effect to increase the length of the audio equal to the english audio

    and saved as mp3

    now i have both english and hindi audio of equal length so used mkvmerge to mux them

    thanks for the help provided my every 1 in this thread

    posted here so that other can also use this method

    edit: there is no change in the pitch of the hindi audio and its perfectly fine
  12. custer

    custer Guest

    I'm glad it worked out for you. And thanks for posting how it all came out. :yes:

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