Hush Hush Baby (2004)

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    Language:Dutch and Arabic
    Subtitles:Dutch & English SRT
    Lenght: 01:24:30
    Video: XVID 640x368 25.00fps 961Kbps
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 183Kbps

    Abdullah 'Ap' Bentarek may be happy that unlike his Uncle Yusuf, who stayed ignorant in the ancestral Moroccan mountain village, his own dad Ali moved to the Netherlands, the boy has lousy friends, who are his partners in crime (in the legal sense), and unrealistic expectations at the employment office. Even when a relative gets him the office job he claimed to crave in the very bank his mates dream of robbing, he screws it up in a single day and rejoins the louts. Meanwhile his sister Leila refuses to be married off, and kid brother Driss abuses father's ignorance of the Dutch language to pretend the school's complaints about him are compliments.

    pass : klotser

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