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Discussion in 'Archive' started by ukbirdflu, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. ukbirdflu

    ukbirdflu Guest

    As I predicted sometime ago, and some of you disagreed with me then when I said this site is going downhill when I saw rubbish posts, posts in foreign language, pop up adverts, and site going VERY slow.

    So I am leaving here for good to greener pastures. So good bye everybody.
  2. Amanabbas69

    Amanabbas69 Guest

    Nice to meet with you and great post..
  3. wildhoney66

    wildhoney66 Guest

    this site does have to many pop ups. but i think it's moving a bit faster than it used to. which is a plus i guess. i understand the need for ads. but when you can't close them that's when you want to that's different.
  4. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    By new site do you mean that great new one,,,dreamteamdownloads1? I hear its very good and the staff are very helpful and friendly
  5. wildhoney66

    wildhoney66 Guest

    i checked his reply's he hasn't posted since so i'm guessing he's gone. i only posted in it cause it took me by surprise that someone was talking about how slow the site was for the longest time.

    i've never heard of that one though. i belong to enough sites already so i have no plans on to signing up to another one! he he one question why is the avatar's on my puter not working for this site?

    or the smiey's either. i don't have them disabled. one thing that's annoying is i have a thing in the middle of the page that says click here to download. no picture & when i try to close it nothing, it just asks me if i want to download it?

    which i don't. do any of you have that?
  6. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    Those are just some of the many faults on this site and the live links are very dangerous for any site. All the staff got fed up asking for the repairs to be done, including myself, it became impossible to Mod and we didnt like that they stopped so many members on here posting, and especially the Uploaders, that is why we all left and set up that new site. You should try it, you will be pleasantly surprised and you will recognise many folk on there that have left here! This site has dropped considerably on the ranks and it is dying for sure.
  7. wildhoney66

    wildhoney66 Guest

    it's a shame too because it's actually a decent site. the ad's are just the only downfall. also i belong to another site, where although i'm not sure if we are allowed to mention the name of other sites.

    but one of the ones i'm a member of, though they don't have ad's pop up like this where you can't close them. they do have too many of them. & whenever anyone asks them why so many ad's? they put up a defense wall to put it politely & say oh we need that & so & so & so. again me putting that polite. & have either sent out warnings or banned people cause they mention it.

    from my understanding. they have gotten worse with the ad's. again i get that they help pay for the sites, but when they take over the site pretty much, it's a bit much don't you think? as for the site i'm talking about it isn't this one actually,

    but one thing that this site actually doesn't do is if you want to check your post count
    it doesn't have an ad post there. this site i'm referring to DOES! & you know

    one of the sites they have as an ad, get this, i read from a trusted site i'm a member of. it's a private one actually. it wasn't when i joined & it has maybe 1 or 2 ads to help fund it. he actually cut back on ads on that site.

    anyways, on one of those ads it was i think iwannadownload.com i read that

    on this trust private site, that the FBI & all those peeps are going after people who are members & who run the site as well. i posted that on this one site that isn't private & nobody believed me! members there said & this wasn't admin. this was members they basically said it was B.S. the news i posted. now this private site i belong to doesn't normally post the B.S. stuff.

    so my atitude was i said well i warned you. it was a pay site by the way that is getting looked into. i wasn't a member there but i saw people on the site were.
    cause it said replies & a number. funny story on that site was a member of this private site was considering joining a couple days before that was posted. & we talked her out of it. & i'm glad we did.

    now i read last nite that "Duckload' or whatever the company's name is owner was arrested & though i have no idea about the members themselves you are SOL if you are a paid customer. so i feel sorry for those people.

    but anyways i didn't mention names of sites cause some sites i belong to or have belonged to get pissed if someone mentions names. some don't mind but some do. one of the ones that is now closed that i belonged to was an RS site & i was a Mod on that one actually for a few months. reason it was only a short time was cause the dude had to close it for personal reasons.

    he told me why of course. but i can't remember if he told me that he was closing it.
    & recently i found or rather re-found i guess you could say some sites i'm a member of. that i was already members of. i signed up to about a dozen of them at one time more. not because i thought any of them were bad.

    but because each site had different Content. i was looking for the longest time for some "hank Wililams Jr" albums & though they are a LOT easier to find now online. they weren't for the longest time.

    but the private one is my favorite though. i have like 470 posts on that one. sorry for my ramblings. i do try & be respectful when i'm on any site. one of those suspended me for a reason i honestly have no idea why? the last post i made that
    i can recall was to a thread about movies i thought were bad & why.

    & i made a remark about how bad i thought "No Country for old Men" was & how bored i was with it to keep that short. i guess the admin. didn't like that comment or something? if i was to be suspended ok i can live with that, but at least have the common courtesy to let me know why & that i was going to be suspened!

    ya know what i mean? anyways sorry for the ramblings & the length here. he he

    i wrote a LOT more than i was originally intending to do so. he he
  8. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    There is nothing you can tell me about prosecutions on warez and free to air sites. They even seized Pirate Bay ....twice.... because they were foolish enough to have their servers "out there", they finally learnt. That is the doorway to the courthouse. There are "spies" on every site......

    This site is in extreme danger because of many things,,,espec the live links.
  9. wildhoney66

    wildhoney66 Guest

    if it's so bad here, than why do you stay here? if you look at my history i may have joined 3 years ago or whatever the date is ? but i haven't really used the site a whole hell of a lot. to glance through every once in a while yes.

    but it's not the main site i use though. if you ask me why i stay here, than i have an answer for you, i just dunno? old habits i guess. he he.
  10. wildhoney66

    wildhoney66 Guest

    i guess you left the site than. he he
  11. netpsirus

    netpsirus Guest


    i dont understand why he leaves, i think someday you can get good stuff here, the popups is not important when you get a free download, sorry for my bad english
  12. wildhoney66

    wildhoney66 Guest

    don't worry about it, your english is fine. him leaving isn't the 1st time i've seen a member leave a site from a bunch of b.s that sites can sometimes have. or it can be for any number of reasons really. but at least he let us know i guess.

    to be fair i could barely get into any part of the site at the time with ads blocking my way onto any page. so yes i do think they should take some of them off especeially if they are in the middle of the damn page. & all it does do is slow the site down.
  13. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    The owner still wont do the repairs, us staff tried for many months to get them to do them.

    He demoted all the good uploaders and existing staff, I was a Mod, and choose his own Turkish. Thats why many are complaining they can no longer post their uploads or members post in certain sections.

    All the staff left and started this site, it is going great and such a relief to Mod after the nightmare here.

    There are many prosecutions going on right now and its only a matter of time before this one is prosecuted too,,,with all the live links. Members can continue on here at their own risk

    Go here and introduce yourselves and see the difference;

    Dream Team Downloads
  14. wildhoney66

    wildhoney66 Guest

    oh really you were part of the staff here? it's stupid than how the owner isn't listening you'd think that he'd want to fix his site & make it better. hell i've been a member to sites where the owners gave up on it & just closed it.

    one site i used to belong to was "Horrorflix" that closed not cause there was anything wrong with the site but because the provider kept screwing them even though they did keep changing it. & the owner i think had enough. & i believe one of the members of the site created their own which is "Horror haven' i believe it's called & that has staff

    from the original site. which has since spawned a couple other sites he he. the owner to the original site really disappeared & nobody's heard from the guy since. well last i heard they haven't. so they gave up on trying to contact him, that's why the 2nd one was created mainly. but ok i think i will check your site out.
  15. wildhoney66

    wildhoney66 Guest

    i joined your site by the way. i can see it's still new. i looked up some "Roger Corman" & so far i've got nothing. yes i know i can request it but i don't have any films at this moment anyways

    i was just using him as an example. so i may just leave this site as well
  16. avro

    avro Guest

    hy..how to open thread
  17. wildhoney66

    wildhoney66 Guest

    if you want to join the other site just click on where it says dream team downloads
  18. wildhoney66

    wildhoney66 Guest

    you belong to Bolt? i am too. i think that site has issues as well. it's not a bad site it's just got issues such as too many ads as well. & that's the site i was talking about if you read what i posted above.
  19. ilovemovies2

    ilovemovies2 Guest

    You delete my post and ban me for recommending bolt? You really are ridiculous, I guess things will be the same at the "new site". For the record, Bolt doesn't have any issues with ads or anything else.
  20. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    Absolutely NOT, please do not associate the new site with the way they treat people here. That would not happen, we have respect for our members.

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