i think that there to mutch download servers

Discussion in 'Archive' started by basics, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. basics

    basics Guest

    i think that there to mutch bloody download servers.


    are u F kidding me , jesus crist.
    i already pay for rapidshare and some people here are posting everything accept rapidshare if this continus i wil have to pay for so mutch servers it wil be cheaper just to bye al the dvd s instead of downloading them just because of some idiots.
    make s me so frustrated.
    cant we just use rapidschare and megaupload like it use to be.
    now there are hundreds of server place providers that make tons of money with there space and all idiots are dumb enough to go with it.
    why not just stick with one or two the onces were use to use.

    pfff i miss the good old time s when everybody uses just 2 providers.
    rapid and megaupload.
    now i have to seartch half an houre for one movie cause everyone is using diffirent providers.

    if i offended anyone sorry wasnt ment personal.
    im just getting sick of al these different providers and this forum use to be verry good cause it all had 1 or 2 providers for downloads .
    i think they should restrict it for the most common once...
    rapidshare megaupload hotfile.

  2. Bytugxhu

    Bytugxhu Guest

    Agree, why dont people go back to rapidshare.
    I paid rapidshare for 1 month subscription just before they started ripping everyone off.
    Rapidshare again changed the rules when people stopped using them but I ended up with 537 rapids.
    It now costs 99 rapids to subscribe for 1 month with 30gigs download so I can now have over 5 months subscribed to rapidshare instead of paying every month...take a look at this..

    RapidShare listens and acts: One package for all users

    July 06, 2010
    As a result of the recent adjustments to our product and pricing model we have received a lot of feedback from our users. There was also positive response but we want to be honest with you: most answers were negative. With our adjustments we have alienated many users. As a matter of course, that was not our intention. Instead, it is our goal to introduce a system that gives our users more flexibility. However, we are happy about every single user response that we have received as this is the only way we can learn what our users really want. That is the reason why we have fundamentally revised our offer one more time and made it much simpler.

    In addition to the free Premium Accounts, with immediate effect there is only one package for everybody: RapidPro

    For 99 Rapids users immediately receive a traffic volume of 30 GB and a storage volume of 10 GB which last for 30 days.
    price/ 30 days storage/ 30 days traffic/ 30 days
    RapidPro 99 Rapids 10 GB 30 GB

    If users need more volume, they can buy extra volume, of course. Each additional 1 GB of storage costs 2 Rapids per 30 days. 5 GB additional traffic volume will be charged with only 14 Rapids.
    Additional storage: Additional traffic:
    1 GB = 2 Rapids/month 5 GB = 14 Rapids

    Unused traffic volume does not expire.
    You will only be charged for additional storage if you activate the "keep files forever" option.

    The prices for Rapids remain the same as before. Prepaid funds
    400 Rapids 4,99 €
    1.000 Rapids 9,95 €
    2.000 Rapids 19,90 €
    5.000 Rapids 49,75 €
    20.000 Rapids 199,00 €

    That means that users can use their RapidPro 30 days for only 99 Cent making the new RapidShare second to none also in terms of value for money.

    Please note that users have the following options in their account settings:
    Keep files forever: This option is not activated in the default settings. This means that if users exceed their storage volume, files that have not been downloaded for 60 days will automatically be deleted.
    Automatic purchase of traffic: This option is activated in the default settings. As soon as users reach the limit of their traffic volume, they will automatically buy additional volume.
    Automatic RapidPro Extension: This option is activated in the default settings. RapidPro-Packages will automatically be extended after 30 days if the user still has Rapids left.
    Users can change these settings at any time in their account settings.

    We are convinced that we will meet our users' needs with the new and simple model.

    I think most peoples bugbear is that rapidshare has stopped the reward program but all in all its a good deal so the non payers should dip into their pocket and pay.
  3. Nutcrill

    Nutcrill Guest

    but for people who download alot we are losing out, like me! it now costs more and we are limited to what we can download. They are always deleting stuff these days too so you can never get the live links unless you get em the same day. I am not signing back up with Rapidshare because noone is posting stuff on there anymore. I think theyve alienated too many people now and theyre gonna lose alot of money over this. Bring the old system back!
  4. itisjust4fun

    itisjust4fun Guest

    Honestly, I think RS is committing suicide...... If you DL one movie you will automatically be moved up to the next level and be charged more per day for Downloads and then your points will deplete very fast and your account will be empty in 7, 14 days.... the heavy uploaders who get a lot of points will last longer but they will still loose out, just in a greater way..

    Check up on the thread that was started here to discuss this very subject...

  5. Bytugxhu

    Bytugxhu Guest

    You are wrong itisjust4fun,
    Take a look at this, this is the last of my 537 rapids.
    Check the traffic left here, of course if you dont use the traffic it runs out just like the old account.
    Also there is 50 gig of storage.

    And here is my rapids all topped up again !

  6. smokin

    smokin Guest

    I don't care for the new methods being used today....providers offering cash to peeps to upload is killing this business... myself, I just use free and will not pay to dl..as well, I use a vpn account that has 4 servers and I all I do is change servers between dl's when connected to my vpn, (fast and cheap) if required and continue on as a premium user....pretty cool if you ask me....pm if you want to know more..
  7. ryfaba789

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    Feb 14, 2014
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    hee hee

    I haven't paid for Rapidshare for over a year. I still download for free. I don't understand the new system at all, but it still gives me free stuff. I pay for a Hotfile account. Rapidshare won't let their files be remote transferred to Hotfile. And people are using Hotfile a lot than they used to, also. It looks to me like Fileserve is the most popular now, but I could be wrong. They claim to pay for downloads, but your files have to be downloaded 1,000 times to collect. Anyhow, if you wanna play, you gotta pay.
  8. Bytugxhu

    Bytugxhu Guest

    Do you mean hotfile photoguy ?
  9. ryfaba789

    ryfaba789 New Member

    Feb 14, 2014
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    Yes sir! Wow - I must have been tired last night.
  10. Bytugxhu

    Bytugxhu Guest

    Lol !!!
  11. yes there are too many file hosters now but thats how it goes i wish for simpler times 2 mate but its like with anything created other companies will make the same thing just to make money

    and lol nice spotting megabyter
  12. Bytugxhu

    Bytugxhu Guest

    Thanks Omni, was just sitting wondering why the hell fotoguy would want to pay for a hotmail account, then it dawned on me he must mean hotfile...everyone makes mistakes...lol
  13. online24

    online24 Guest

    The new trend is that the uploaders can earn money. Many of them do not care what downloaders means. They care only about money. Therefore, there are some fake uploads too.
    Many forums have now begun to limit the number of file-hosts. File host you can rely on.
    (with no download problems)
    Here are some I've never had any problems with

    (Premium Account)

    And why do so few use this file-hosts
    (Free upload / dowmload and no speed limit
    hotshare (max 2 G pro file)
    Zippyshare (max. 200 MB per file

    FileServer sucks.
    I often have problems with this file-host.
    Downloads stops just before the end or will never start.
  14. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest


    Do not post any live external sitelinks.
    You must code any links you post.

    This is the second time I've had to remove live links from one of your posts, and you have now been officially warned.

    Also, I've used fileserve and it seems the same as filesonic where I am.
    I have no premium for either of these hosts, and any interrupted downloads just resume for me.....from either host.
    Megaupload is a very good host, it's just that many posters here don't seem to use it (which is unfortunate).

    Yeah, it's all about making money for most posters.
    Not a good thing imo.
  15. faizi_shah

    faizi_shah Guest

    oooppppssss i like the hotfile and using... not like rapidshare eeeeeeehhhhhh
  16. Moloch

    Moloch Guest

    I personally use Hotfile Over Rs i used to have a monthly membership to upload to rs and download faster. Then they kept changing the usage and i got sick of it im sticking with HF

    Screw RapidShare.. Your not happy with the rest find some where that only allows RS links and go get your files there.

    i find that most posters are decent enough to include multiple hosts in there links to make everyone happy!

    Omni Cloud Strife theres a name i haven`t seen since CC days
  17. daoer888

    daoer888 Guest

    its all about money dude..everyone loves money,LOL

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