NitroFlare Idea to Launch: create, validate, & demo your idea in 2 days

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    Idea to Launch: create, validate, & demo your idea in 2 days

    Wouldn't it be amazing if you could just snap your fingers and instantly know all the skills you need to be an Entrepreneur?

    Yes, it would be amazing but unfortunately it's not possible.

    The finger snapping part that is.

    The rest is possible, if you replace finger snapping with 2 days of learning, reading, and practicing.

    That's exactly what this course is about: Everything you need to know to become an effective, modern entrepreneur compacted into a weekend course.

    No night school, no MBA, and no years of "putting in your dues".

    Skip the line, and learn the skills that are crucial to being successful today.

    Welcome to my course: Idea to Launch

    What we're going to cover:

    » How to generate business ideas through 4 different dimensions, 5 "angles", and most importantly through your own skills & interests.

    » 25 different thought experiments and exercises that virtually guarantee you will come up with business ideas

    » A quick 5 step process for organizing your ideas based on quality and striking the ones that don't pass the test

    » 5 easy ways to pre-evaluate your idea before you even spend your first dollar. Do this in less than 1 hour.

    » The most effective and simple way of using a landing page for validation purposes, using Launchrock

    » How to get more into depth with landing pages and creating advanced pages with Unbounce

    » How to wireframe like a pro with Balsamiq (in exactly 39 minutes)

    » How to determine the best route for designing your application - How to get your app designed for as little as $9

    » A crash course on design theory, how products and apps are organized, and how to quickly put together what your business needs & doesn't.

    » How to use physical sketches to quickly conceptualize and debug your business idea

    » How to create easy to use, interactive, and shareable wireframes with Pidoco

    The course has over 16 hours of content, so there's much much more covered.

    The course is divided into 3 easy to follow modules that comprehensively cover all you need to know to come up with an idea, test it, and build it. This course isn't theory; it's 100% application.

    About the instructor:

    Top rated Udemy Instructor with over 630+ 5 star reviews.
    Teaches 10 different courses on Entrepreneurship through Udemy, Skillshare, & One Month.
    All courses by the instructor have 100% positive reviews with an average of 5 stars.

    Startup founder for 5 years, raised 3 rounds of capital worth several millions of dollars

    Worked as a VC and was in charge of deal flow in Silicon Valley. Oversaw investments in large companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, & Tesla.

    Currently owns and runs Sprintkick, a web agency, that builds web and mobile apps for 20+ Fortune 500 companies. Created and launched over 100+ apps in the last 4 years.
    What are the requirements?

    Familiarity with basic business concepts is useful, but not necessary

    What am I going to get from this course?

    Over 116 lectures and 23 hours of content!
    Generate business ideas that are insightful and actionable
    Understand business dynamics as they relate to idea generation
    Analyze 4 different sections of the business value chain for potential opportunities
    Understand the 5 different types of core innovation and how to apply them
    How to objectively assess their skills, passions, hobbies, & interests
    Understand the difference between business types and which one to aim for
    Use common techniques like problem identification to come up with ideas
    Use advanced techniques like disintermediation, local modifiers, market enablers to craft ideas
    Understand how to apply new, disruptive business models like Saas, Sharing economy, & PWYW
    Create business ideas that are not only specific but are complete
    Quickly evaluate and re-prioritize ideas based off 5 dimensions
    Understand the value of their ideas and what to focus on first
    Bring context into their environment and not get discouraged
    Develop product and idea hypotheses
    Run effective qualitative assessments with potential customers
    Confirm the existence of consumer problems and validate their potential worth
    Run cycled experiments to quickly find the best variation of a product idea
    Validate ideas with basic email techniques
    Validate popular response from online groups and niche groups
    Create and run your first ad campaign, for free, on Google / Yahoo / Bing/ and Facebook
    Use Launchrock to create an interest page in less than 30 minutes
    Use UnBounce to more comprehensively assess the feasibility of pitch experiments
    How to get your first sale for your product without even building it
    Add payment buttons to Unbounce and email
    Access advertising metrics and decide if the idea is commercially viable
    Understand the benefits and correct usages of prototypes
    Understand the basic terminology used in web and design speak
    Use Sprintkick's product creation framework: Sx5
    Efficiently create and articulate a strategy for your product
    Efficiently create and outline the scope and specifications of your potential product
    Create professional looking initial sketches of their product with just a pen and paper
    Create "sketch" wireframes with Balsamiq
    Used advanced features and export settings in Balsamiq
    Create non sketch wireframes of your idea in Pidoco
    Use all advanced features and techniques in Pidoco
    Create a sitemap for outlining their product and assisting in communicating your project externally
    Bring in reviewers & collaborators into your design process and accelerate your feedback cycle
    Take design assets and convert them into a format that Pidoco can accept
    Create a functional and interactive prototype in Pidoco
    Present your prototype in the best possible way to investors, team members, developers


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