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    IELTS Exam: Watch Native English Speaker Take Exam
    WEBRip | MP4/AVC, ~172 kb/s | 1280 x 720| English: AAC, 60.8 kb/s (2 ch), 44.1 KHz | 391 MB
    Genre: Test Prep / Other | Language: English | +Project Files

    Learn strategies to get higher scores on every section of the IELTS Exam
    Learn how to pass the IELTS exam and get the score you need!

    Did you take the IELTS exam but did not get the score you need?

    Do you need to improve your score one one section? All sections?

    The IELTS exam opens up opportunities for you all over the world:
    Study at English-speaking universityWork and live in English-speaking countriesWork for company with English-speaking clientsImmigrate to Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA
    You can get the IELTS score you need and find the opportunities you want.

    IELTS expert teacher Brian Gabriel will guide you through all four sections of the exam to make you feel confident to take it yourself.

    In his video lectures, Brian will let you watch him as he answers exam questions. And he will even tell you why he is giving his answers in the ways he gives them.

    Your IELTS scores will improve after you watch Brian take the exam.
    In this course, Brian covers the exact skills you need to:
    Write both the essay and the letterSpeak with confidence doing the live speaking sectionRead with a purpose - know what to look for in the reading to save timeCatch all the details in the Listening section
    Now, you can relax! In a few short hours, you will see Brian take the entire IELTS exam. And you can copy everything he does to improve your scores on the exam.

    What are the requirements?
    Basic English skills
    What am I going to get from this course?
    Over 31 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!Pass the IELTS ExamImprove scores on IELTS Exam
    What is the target audience?
    Students who want to improve in the speaking writing, listening or reading sectionsStudents of all levels who want to improve their IELTS scores
    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course 01:15
    What is this IELTS course all about?
    IELTS Exam: Watch Native English Speaker Take Exam follows a native English speaker from the United States as he takes the exam and talks about his strategies for getting a high score.

    The course begins with an overview of the IELTS exam, including what you can expect from the speaking, writing, listening and reading sections of the exam.

    Then you will find the individual sections of the exam. Each section includes a presentation on what to expect on that particular section of the exam.

    After the introduction to the section, Brian will answer exam questions to demonstrate his strategies.

    Lecture 2 Personal Introduction 01:01
    I want to personally introduce myself to you.
    This is a short video about your instructor: Brian Gabriel.

    Lecture 3 Overview of IELTS Exam 14:58
    Overview of the IELTS Exam
    What is the IELTS?Speaking SectionWriting SectionListening SectionReading Section
    Section 2: Speaking
    Lecture 4 Speaking Part I: Overview and Strategies 07:21
    Speaking Part I Overview: Find out what is on Part I of the speaking section
    Vocabulary TipsUse your imaginationSpeak boldly and clearlyGive direct answers
    Lecture 5 Part I: Imagination 02:48
    Brian answers a part I question to demonstrate imagination. Then students will get a chance to answer a different speaking part one question to practice using imagination.

    Lecture 6 Part I: Boldness 02:02
    Brian answers a part I question to demonstrate speaking boldly. When practicing bold speaking, start with the subjects you are most confident talking about - such as your hobbies.

    Lecture 7 Part I: Advanced Topic 02:23
    Speaking Part one mostly asks you about yourself. But there can be more advanced general interest questions as well. It is a great idea to prepare yourself to speak about general news topics in parts one and three.
    In this video, Brian answers a question about news.

    Lecture 8 Speaking Part II: Overview and Strategies 02:06
    Overview of Speaking Part II
    Taking notesGiving your talk
    Lecture 9 Part II: Live Demonstration 05:22
    Watch Brian answer a question on speaking part II.
    Pay attention to how he takes notes and how he answers all the information in the question.

    Remember: you only need to speak for one minute. This is a short talk. You have a maximum of two minutes, but it is not a requirement to speak for your full two minutes.

    Lecture 10 Speaking Part III: Overview and Strategies 09:55
    Overview of Speaking Part III

    Strategies for Part III
    Staying on topicPoint of viewExplaining reasonsSpeculating reasonsExamples, new ideas, etc
    Lecture 11 Part III: Live Demonstration 02:35
    The most important thing to remember in part III is to stay on topic.
    It is easy to drift off the topic and begin talking about a related topic. Focusing on a single topic takes some practice.
    Watch Brian answer a part III question with the challenge to focus on a single topic. Will he make a mistake and change the topic during his answer?

    Lecture 12 Speaking Exam 5 pages
    Answer some practice questions on all three parts of the speaking section.
    Try out the strategies to give your own answers to the questions you saw in the video.

    Quiz 1 Speaking Section Quiz 6 questions
    Section 3: Writing
    Lecture 13 Writing Task I: Letter 03:36
    Overview of Writing Task I: Letter
    Basic StrategiesGreetingsIntroductionsBodyClosing and Signature
    Lecture 14 Writing the Letter: Formal 09:39
    Watch Brian write a formal letter.
    You will learn how to begin and end a formal letter. Also learn the style to use in the body of the letter.

    The letter is found in Writing Task One of the general IELTS exam.

    Lecture 15 Writing the Letter: Informal 10:22
    Watch Brian write an informal letter to a friend.
    The letter is found on Writing Task One of the general exam.
    You will only be asked to write one letter: it might be formal or informal. It is important to practice both types.

    Lecture 16 Writing Task II: Essay 04:33
    Introduction to Writing Task II: Essay
    Reading the questionBrainstorming ideasIntroduction, Body, Conclusion
    Lecture 17 Writing the Essay (Live Demonstration) 16:25
    Watch Brian write an essay for Writing Task II.
    The essay is written live and Brian discusses what he is thinking as he writes the essay.

    Quiz 2 Writing Section Quiz 6 questions
    Section 4: Listening
    Lecture 18 Listening: Overview and Strategies 07:58
    Overview and strategies for listening.
    PredictionsCluesWhat you should do after listeningSpeaker's voiceMarker phrasesTips for answering multiple choice questions
    Lecture 19 Listening Exam 02:55
    Start by practicing the listening exam.
    You will hear a dialogue and see questions for you to answer.

    Lecture 20 Type of Information 02:12
    It is impossible to remember everything the speakers say in the listening section. You must learn how to listen for the answers to the exam questions. Do not try to memorize everything that is said.

    What type of information should you be listening for? Find out in this video.

    Lecture 21 Finding Speaker's Clues 02:24
    Practice listening to the speakers as they provide answers to exam questions.

    Lecture 22 Inflection 02:03
    Does your voice rise at the end of a question? That is inflection. You can listen for changes in inflection to know when the speakers are going to answer questions on the listening section.

    Lecture 23 When the Speaker Changes His Mind... 02:02
    Everybody changes their mind sometimes. Speakers on the listening section of the IELTS are no exception. You can expect them to change their mind at least once per exam. Listen to an example in this video.

    Lecture 24 Marker Phrases 02:03
    Quiz 3 Listening Section Quiz 6 questions
    Section 5: Reading
    Lecture 25 Reading: Overview and Strategies 06:24
    Overview of the Reading section
    Predicting the textMental MapsScanningFinding topic sentencesReading in orderAnswers within questions
    Lecture 26 What is the Topic? 03:29
    Simply knowing the topic of the reading passage will give you answers to some of the questions in the reading section of the IELTS.
    Watch this lecture to learn how to quickly determine the topic in any reading passage.

    Lecture 27 Find the Number 03:01
    Some questions in the reading section ask for a specific number. This video shows you how to practice finding the number in a reading passage.

    Lecture 28 Making Predictions 02:06
    Time is short on the IETLS exam, so it is important for you to be as fast as you can on each question. Making predictions can help you take the reading section faster.
    Watch how to predict the topic in this video lecture.

    Quiz 4 Reading Section Quiz 6 questions
    Lecture 29 Reading Exam 3 pages
    Practice all of your reading strategies on these questions.
    Refer back to previous videos if you are unsure how to answer any of the questions.

    Section 6: Bonus Materials
    Lecture 30 Build Your Vocabulary 1 page
    The Academic Word List will give you the 570 words you need to learn to understand advanced English topics very quickly. Start playing the word game today!

    Lecture 31 Grammar Practice: Articles Text
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