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    Illuminism Ebook Collection | PDF | 178 MB

    Abraxas_ Beyond Good and Evil - Michael Faust
    How to Become God - Michael Faust.pdf
    Kabbalah, Hermeticism and M-Theory - Michael Faust.pdf
    Illuminati's Six Dimensional Universe, The - Adam Weishaupt.pdf
    Is God Evil_ - Adam Weishaupt.pdf
    Jesus, Prince of Hell - Adam Weishaupt.pdf
    Triune Brain, Hypnosis and the Evolution of Consciousness, The - Adam Weishaupt.pdf

    ilпїЅluпїЅmiпїЅnism (-lm-nzm)
    1. Belief in or proclamation of a special personal enlightenment.
    2. Illuminism The ideas and principles of various groups of Illuminati.
    [French illuminisme, from illuminé, an illuminist, from past participle of illuminer, to illuminate, from Old French; see illumine.]
    ilпїЅlumiпїЅnist n.

    Illuminism is another word for enlightenment, a state of achieving a spiritual union with Heaven or God. It is the state of attaining true wisdom and raising oneself to the realm of the ultimate truth of nature.

    The word 'illuminism' is derived from a French word illuminer. Illuminism was also used as the name of a special state of enlightenment that was considered a rise in rank among various secret societies that originated from the Bavarian Illuminati.

    Illuminism refers to different forms of enlightenment. According to Hinduism, it denotes the liberation (moksha) of one's soul from the bondages of physical world. It also signifies the completion of one life cycle and entering into the next cycle of life. In other words, it is the dissolution of one's self (ego) into the oneness of the world. Thus the practitioner of illuminism attains 'nirvana', a complete liberation of self from the material world.

    In Buddhism, illuminism is achieved when the self is completely extinguished after completing the cycle of rebirth. Bodhi (illuminism) is attained when ten fetters that bind human being to the world have been dissolved, when four noble truths have been thoroughly understood and all the cravings for physical needs cease. At this stage, the individual is liberated from worldly emotions such as greed, aversion, delusion, ignorance, ego and craving.

    Illuminism finds relevance in almost all religions of the world, often as the path towards achieving the ultimate goal of human life.


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