NitroFlare Impact Soundworks PEARL Concert Grand v1.2 KONTAKT

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    Impact Soundworks PEARL Concert Grand v1.2 KONTAKT | 38.2 GB
    Our flagship grand piano instrument for KONTAKT PLAYER features a beautifully-recorded Yamaha C7 with four microphone perspectives, each offering a unique and lush sound. Pearl is a true joy to play, edited and mixed to perfection and suitable for most any style of composition - classical pieces, cinematic works, pop, jazz, blues, and more. Pearl makes an excellent addition to any sample collection. If you're like us, you'll find yourself reaching for it every time.

    UPDATE Notes

    1. Soft pedal support (CC67)
    2. Sostenuto pedal support (CC66)
    3. Half-pedal support on CC64. Note that this must also be supported by your hardware since it requires values between 0 and 127 as opposed to boolean on/off. The half-pedal release time can be modified via CC88.
    4. "Note catch" support, where if you hit a note, release, and quickly depress the damper pedal (CC64) the note will be caught and sustain out. The default window for this is 50ms, however you can adjust it via CC87 to taste. In other words, CC87 increases the default "hold" time of each note.

    Home Page
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