NitroFlare Impact Soundworks Shreddage.2 IBZ KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE

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    Impact Soundworks Shreddage 2 IBZ KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE
    SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 12 2015 | 4.29 GB

    Prepare for an injection of liquid metal! Shreddage 2 IBZ features the ultra aggressive sound of a legendary 7-string heavy metal guitar paired with our most powerful KONTAKT engine yet. Compatible with the free KONTAKT PLAYER - Shreddage 2 is NOT required!

    Shreddage 2 IBZ - Key Features

    Brutal 7-string electric guitar tuned to drop G
    Over 13,000+ 24-bit samples
    Bright and aggressive DI (clean) tone
    Up to 8x RR variations per note
    Multiple picking modes/behaviors
    Up to 4x quad tracking available
    Single notes, powerchords, FX slides
    Vibrato, portamento slides, hammer/pull
    Up to 6x palm mute layers, harmonics, tremolo
    Virtual fretboard display with deep tweaking
    Custom-built FX rack with amp + cab sim
    Hi-gain FX presets for instant gratification
    Completely customizable mapping
    New ADVANCED tab to go under-the-hood
    KONTAKT PLAYER compatible

    Shreddage 2 IBZ was conceived after we received countless requests to sample different guitars in the Shreddage engine. We heard you loud and clear, but we've gone a step further - not only is IBZ an entirely new instrument in terms of the guitar and samples, but the engine has been rebuilt from the ground up as well!

    First, the guitar: a Japanese classic that is perhaps the most popular hard rock & metal axe ever created. It has a bright, biting and aggressive tone emphasizing the pick and attack of each note, compared with the much darker sound of Shreddage II. All crucial articulations were sampled, from sustains, power chords, mutes (up to 6 layers) and tremolo, to pinch & normal harmonics, slides, scrapes, hammer-on/pull-off and more. As with Shreddage II, everything has lots of variations, down/upstroke samples, and recordings of the same note across multiple strings for maximum realism.

    You can read more about the engine & interface further down on this page, but in short, it takes the best elements of Shreddage II and expands on them. For example, the instrument can be even more deeply customized to your liking, and the fretboard behavior is more realistic than ever. There's also an all-new custom FX stack with an amp and cab built right in.

    We know Shreddage 2 IBZ will be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Combined with Shreddage II, Drums, and Bass, no face will go un-melted.

    Shreddage 2 IBZ includes an all-new, custom script engine created as an evolution of Shreddage II. As you'll see on the Perform page below, we've done away with a separate Fretboard page - now, all your essential performance controls and views are in the same place.

    All controls can now be MIDI learned, even vibrato and unison bending, or controlled with the mouse. The fretboard engine has been much-improved with new views to easily see which strings and frets are in use. Clicking Advanced allows control of the fretboard engine, displaying controls such as fret preference, hand size, picking style, and more.

    KONTAKT or KONTAKT PLAYER version 5.3 or higher

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