In Tandem (1974)

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    In Tandem - Movin' On Premiere Movie

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    IMDB User Rating: 6.5/10
    Director: Bernard L. Kowalski
    Writers: Robert E. Collins & Herb Meadow
    Genre: Comedy, Drama
    Release Date: May 8, 1974
    Running Time: 90 Minutes
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    Claude Akins, Frank Converse

    In Tandem was the pilot film for the TV series Movin' On, and has since borne that title in syndication. Created by Barry Weitz and Philip D'Antoni, the concept was an update of the obscure U.S./Canadian TV weekly Cannonball, with a bit of Route 66 and The Streets Of
    San Francisco thrown in. Claude Akins stars as hard-bitten, self-made gypsy driver Sonny Pruett, who enters into a business partnership with a much-younger trucker, law school graduate Will Chandler (Frank Converse). Despite their ideological differences, Sonny and Will work together as one to ship a consignment of oranges past a group of hostile citrus growers. In Tandem first aired May 8, 1974, on NBC; The Movin' On Series proper was seen over the same network from September 12, 1974, through September 14, 1976.

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