In the City of Sylvia & En la ciudad de Sylvia (2007)

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    Dans la ville de Sylvia - 2007 - José Luis Guerín
    aka: "En la ciudad de Sylvia" - "In the City of Sylvia"
    DVDRIP | 82 min | XviD 656x352 | 25 fps | Mp3 160 kb/s | 696 Mo
    Language: French | Subtitles: - - Portuguese (Brazil).srt | Genre: Drama

    Director: José Luis Guerín
    Writer: José Luis Guerín
    France/Spain - 2007 - color
    Cast: Pilar López de Ayala, Xavier Lafitte

    A man returns to a city, Stasbourg (France) to try to track down a lovely woman he met some years earlier. A young man puzzles over and searches for Sylvia, the would-be sweetheart he remembers from an encounter six years ago. At an outdoor café, the young man sits and sketches amid tables buzzing with conversation, as women’s faces — some seen directly, others reflected through glass. When one dark-haired woman gets up and leaves, the young man follows her. And we follow him, as his journey passes through a cobbled labyrinth of alleys and streets and eventually into a nightclub’s heart of glass, where it all began.

    French + English, Spanish & Portugese (Brasil) subtitles in 3 SRT files
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