In the Wake of the Bounty (1933)

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    "The 1933 Australian production "In the Wake of the Bounty" is noteworthy as the first film to introduce Errol Flynn to movie audiences. Long unavailable for review* the film's reputation rested solely on the presence of the future Hollywood star in his debut performance. Now available for the first time on home video* "In the Wake of the Bounty" deserves a new reputation as the unintentional comedy discovery of the year. This weird little production* which presents some of the cheapest filmmaking this side of Ed Wood* serves up more laughs than the average lungs can withstand prior to choking for air. This film goes eons beyond camp into a wholly new realm of inanity* and missing this title is a loss of staggering proportions."


    pass : joep
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    the links are broken.. such a shame..

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